Top 10 beaches in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is an Island located in the south of Vietnam near Cambodia. Situated in the warm Gulf of Thailand Phu Quoc is the biggest Island in Vietnam and is renowned for it’s beautiful beaches thus it has become one of the favorite destination for Vietnamese and World Wide Tourists for vacation.

In this article you will discover which beaches are the best and why in our opinion. We will also try to show you some real life picture to give you a realistic expectation for each of these beaches. As photoshop today can make any place look like the Maldives.

1. Sao Beach (Bãi Sao)

Left side of Sao Beach in front of the Paradisio restaurant

Sao Beach is for us the best beach in the Island. This beach is notorious for its pure white sand and in the right season the sea will have no waves. The beach is separated in two areas, a left side which is less populated and therefore quieter.

Right side of Sao Beach where most of the activities are

A right side with more people and more activities. If you are looking to relax and enjoy the sound of the wave we recommend you the left side.

The only downside of this beach is that it is located in the south, far from the center of the Island where most activities and resorts are implanted. From Ong Lang you’ll have to drive an hour with a bike. For some reasons resorts are not very present in this area of the Island, the only populated area nearby is An Thoi (An Thới).

2. Starfish Beach

My wife in Starfish Beach

Starfish Beach is one of the main attraction in the Island. Famous for hosting tons of starfish, this beach’s water is very clear and the ecosystem is richer than in Bai Sao so Snorkeling is more interesting. There are many Seafood restaurant nearby so it is also a great location for having lunch. You can even swim between restaurants and see tons of translucide fishes.

The downside to this beach is the access, which is a good portion of unpaved road. So if it has been raining the night before, you can forget your plan to visit this beach. That’s probably why there are not a lot of resorts in this area yet.

3. Ong Lang Beach (Bãi Ông Lang)

Ong Lang Beach in the Morning

Ong Lang is one of our favorite area in the Island, because nature is predominant there. We feel like we are the most relaxed when we are staying in Ong Lang. Bungalows are a safe choice there and we recommend places like Mango Bay Resort for the best ecological experience or Ninila Fruit Farm Bungalows if you are in a budget.

The Beach is quite popular amongst locals who goes for a swim just before sunset. It is for us one of the most genuine place you can find in the Island. They even sell some fried appetizers in the beach entrance.

Sunset in Ong Lang Beach

The downside of this beach is the waves. If the waves are not too strong and can be part of the fun, it is less than ideal for snorkeling and for small children.

4. Vung Bau Beach (Bãi biển Vũng Bầu)

Vung Bau Beach is basically an empty beach that you can have for yourself if you have a bit of an adventurous spirit. It is a beautiful and long beach which is still savage. There is a snorkeling spot on the left side of the beach (the entrance) which is honestly one of the best spot in the whole Island.

The downside of this beach is, since it is empty it can feel a bit unsafe at times and there’s no one to take care of the beach so like in the rest of the Island some spots can unfortunately be full of trash.

5. Bãi Dài

Bãi Dài Phu Quoc

Bãi Dài is a beach reserved to the Vin Group which includes Resorts and Parks such as Vinpearl Resort, Vinpearl Discovery, Vinpearl Oasis, VinWonders. This beach use to be private and only accessible by customer of one of these facilities but thanks to Grand World it is now accessible to everyone. Since this beach is maintained by the Vin Group it is a safe, clean and close to many commodities.

The downside of this beach is that is only accessible through a Park, Resort or if in Grand World you will have a to rent an electric bike to access the beach which is fairly far from the entrance.

6. Long Beach (Bãi Trướng)

Long Beach from La Veranda Resort

Long Beach is located near the city center, in one of the most dense area for resorts, restaurant and activities. Long Beach is a safe place to chose for people who like to have the convenience of short distances for activities. For example, if you love nightclubs, bars and rooftops entertainement this is the place to be.

The downside of Long Beach is that it is not the most clear water in the Island and this place can be crowded in the high season.

7. May Rut, Gam Ghi & Fingernail Island (Hòn Mây Rút & Hòn Móng Tay)

John’s Tour services to access Phu Quoc Archipels

May Rut Island, Gam Ghi & Fingernail Island are archipels located in the south end of the Island which is only accessible by boat. To go to these archipels you’ll have to rent a boat or buy a tour ticket. They are ones of the most beautiful beaches and ones of the best spot for snorkeling.

Obviously the downside is their location and the necessity to use a boat to go there. You’ll probably have to get a tour and accept the schedule of this specific tour.

Jonh’s Tour Website :

8. Khem Beach (Bãi tắm Khem)

Bãi tắm Khem Phu Quoc

Khem Beach is the equivalent of Sao Beach but reserved for very Expensive resorts such as the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Or Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay. If ultra luxurious resorts are your thing then this beach might be for you.

My wife and I during an overcast day in Khem Beach

We found that even though this beach is beautiful, being privately own makes it less popular and fun. The ambiance over there is a bit quiet for our taste especially in the off-season. Also the left side of the beach was not well maintained when we were there.

9. Sun World Beach (Bãi biển Sun World)

Located in Hon Thom Island (Hòn Thơm) which is an Island accessible with the cable car, host some of the most beautiful beaches and cleanest beaches in the Island. The set up in Sun World Beach is ideal for families. The beach have tons of deckchairs with grass you can walk bare foot on and restaurants similar of what you would find in an attraction park.

The downside is you need to go to the south of the Island, take the cable car and finally an electric cart which is amazing but a bit of a hassle for a daily commute in our opinion.

10. Ganh Dau Beach (Bãi biển Gành Dầu)

Fishermen’s boats during the day in Gành Dầu

Ganh Dau Beach is located in the north of the Island. It is a fairly small beach with few activities around. It is still a nice place to visit and the right side of the beach have rocks which means fish and snorkeling. They also have a Seafood restaurant with a nice view. You can visit two small archipels accessible from a rented fisherman boat although we don’t recommend it.

The downside of this beach is it’s location and the fact that it is not maintained. If Ganh Dau is still a beautiful beach it is definitely not the most interesting spot.

What do you think?

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