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The Foire de Paris is an event held at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris, consisting of a series of large halls where various events are hosted.

Foire de Paris is renowned for gathering vendors from around the globe, serving as a platform for immigrants to reconnect with their cuisine, heritage, and merchandise. In this review we we’ll see if this event is still worth going to.


The inception of La Foire de Paris dates back to 1904, marking this year as the event’s 120th anniversary. Originally conceived with the aim of showcasing the innovative prowess between European nations, today it has evolved into a celebration of global culture.

Attending this event feels akin to embarking on a journey around the world, offering the opportunity to engage with individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds and exchange cultural insights.

The different buildings and exhibition

La Foire de Paris also serves as a platform for companies to showcase their products. For instance, visitors can explore stands featuring items such as wine, home equipment like pools, verandas, massage chairs, and more.

This year, our main areas of interest were Building 4, featuring the tropics and Amazonia, and Building 2, showcasing wealth from around the world.

We did visit the Pavillon number one but to be honest it was far and a little empty compared to the other ones.

The event infrastructure

The Foire de Paris is bustling with crowds, offering an abundance of attractions. If you’re keen on browsing for products and negotiating deals, you could easily spend a day or two exploring.

Outside, there’s a row of food trucks lining the alley, with even more scattered in front and within the various pavilions.

In general, the small temporary restaurants are located within their respective themed zones. At the fair, we encountered a diverse array of food options, including banh mi, Korean cuisine, bubble tea, corn dogs, and more.

La Foire de Paris was actually where I first tried Brazilian barbecue and Picanha, which I later became a fan of.

For people who want traditional food, there are tons of options as well such as Paul, McDonalds or Hippopotamus.

La Foire de Paris also hosts various animations, such as a carnival with dancers, and other booths from manufacturers that seize this opportunity to showcase their new products or simply gain visibility.

Wealth of the world

The Wealth of the World section was essentially divided into two areas, spanning the 2nd and 4th buildings. This separation is fantastic compared to when it was all crammed into one space. Now, there seems to be a lot more stands and space, featuring intriguing and original products.

In this section of La Foire de Paris, visitors can discover authentic imported products from various countries, typically including food, treats, clothing, and artworks.

Each stand is required to specify the country of origin, making it easy for visitors to identify where these products originate.

For those who enjoy places like Ben Thanh Market, this event offers a similar concept but with representations from numerous countries.

It’s common to find multiple stands from the same countries, sometimes even selling identical products.

The sheer density of products available is so vast that even a comprehensive video wouldn’t fully capture the breadth of offerings.

This venue also showcases local products from France. Not all the stands feature exotic items. You can certainly discover some unique delights, such as canelés, which are a type of cake resembling a flan and are delicious.

The building number 4 seems to be the main area where most people converge. It was really jam packed and we had trouble walking inside with a stroller. My dad even gave up and rested outside for a while.

The music inside was lively, and there were even some bars serving island punch. Personally, I enjoyed the atmosphere and would have liked to spend more time enjoying a drink, but I could see that my family was getting tired.

The location showcased fascinating items from North Africa, ranging from clothing and leather goods to sweet delicacies from Morocco or Algeria.

This is the area where my wife and I wished we could have lingered longer, sampling foods we’ve never tried before.

We even indulged in some special fruit cocktails from the tropical islands, which were delicious and had a strong ginger flavor.

La Foire de Paris isn’t a venue for finding regular mainstream branded products. Instead, it’s an opportunity to discover authentic items from other countries.

While we didn’t inquire about clothing prices, we did see leather backpacks from India priced at 35 euros which is way cheaper than real leather product here in France.

Certainly, these products may not offer the same quality and durability, and they’re likely sold at a higher price compared to their origin country.

However, therein lies the appeal: discovering new products, engaging in bargain hunting, and negotiating if that’s your passion.


8.0 out of 10.

The Foire de Paris offers immigrants a chance to reconnect with their roots and explore the richness of other cultures.

While it may now have a more commercial aspect, with vendors looking to turn a profit by selling products at higher prices than abroad, the experience remains enriching.

It allows you to embark on a cultural journey for a day or afternoon, offering a taste of different cultures without the need for air travel.


La Foire de Paris

Date : 1st to 12 may 2024

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