Renting a Beach House in Phu Quoc

Who wouldn’t dream of living only steps away from the sea ? Having a quiet space near the water to relax and recharge the battery when feeling stressed out. My wife and I had the opportunity to book a small Beach House / Studio in Phu Quoc (TS Beach House) for two nights. We will share with you our experience during this stay.

TS Beach House Phu Quoc

Practical to go for a swim

Usually going for swim require at least to walk for some minutes inside your resort and a few more minutes to access the beach if you are lucky. If not, perhaps you have to drive a bike or a car before you can finally enjoy the sea (Bãi Sao).

So in order to go to the beach, you need to prepare all the things you will need for the day : a bag, wallet, food, water, a towel, maybe a camera or snorkeling gear, etc. You better not forget something because making many roundtrips a day can be exhausting, especially with children to keep.

Arriving at the Beach House

When you go for a swim, you may also have to keep a close eye on your stuff, incase after a long dive your belongings are gone.

The biggest advantage of staying in a Beach House for us, is that you can take a quick swim anytime you want and be laying home some minutes later. You don’t need much motivation to jump in the water.

Seafood Barbecue

Local Fresh Seafood Barbecue

The second most important advantage compared to staying in a hotel is : you can cook whatever you want whenever you want. If you are lucky to have an open balcony, it means you can even dine and do some barbecue in there.

Buying Squid from local Fishermen

Can you imagine some fresh Seafood directly from the fishermen to your balcony. This is possible in TS Beach House since it is located in a Squid Fishermen Village. The house is also located 10 minutes away from the biggest Seafood Market in Phu Quoc and 5 minutes away from the original Bún Quậy KIẾN – XÂY.

Beautiful Sunset View Every Night

Sunset from the Balcony taken with Kodak Gold 200

If you are a big fan of watching the sunset over the sea, evening are definitely a moment you want to spend in the house. You can take this time to eat, have a drink or simply lay down and enjoy the moment and the view. It is also the time where locals will go out for a swim, since the sun is so strong in tropical regions. So it’s a great time to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere.

First Sunset in TS Beach House

Rocked by the sound of the waves

There’s something very relaxing about the sound of waves crashing to the shore. I think it has healing properties. If you are not too scared of the tropical weather or of mosquitos, try to turn the air conditioning off and leave the door open, I promise you, you’ll sleep like never before.


Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Inside one of HS/TS Beach House

Overall for us it was a great experience to stay in TS Beach House. Very convenient for our first day, since we wanted a place where we could rest and cook for our young child. Having the convenience to cook and to enjoy the view was something quite special.

Tom experiencing the sea for the first time

The beach was mostly clean when we arrived and we like the fact that our neighbors were not shy. Kids were walking and swimming around the house, which gave an authentic, warm and cheerful atmosphere to our stay.

Our hosts were very helpful, accompanying us where we could buy food, water and find some restaurants, taxis, etc.

The price for two nights was 1,764,000 vnd or 72,85 euros which is very reasonable for the location. The only downfall is that the beach can have a bit of trash at times but to be fair, it’s not something in their control.

We rented this place for two nights and I think it was the perfect amount of time for us to discover the surrounding of this place and then go back to new adventures since the island have tons of different areas to visit.


TS Beach House

Address :  Khu 7, Phú Quốc, Kien Giang

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