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10 Vietnamese Brands Making Beautiful Dress

Vietnam is renown for its famous Ao Dai (Áo Dài) but the modern Vietnamese dresses can be as amazing as the traditional ones. I’ve always been sensitive to art, design, and colors, so it’s no wonder I sparked an interest in Vietnamese women’s fashion. Here are some of the brands that particularly caught my attention.

1. Linh Bui

Linh Bui is a premium haute couture brand based in Hanoi. It is one of my favorite brands. I find their dresses to have very clean lines with sophisticated patterns and colors. You can see from the pictures that the fabrics and the manufacturing are top-notch. I also admire the work of the artistic director, who always matches their clothes with a specific environment, creating a beautiful harmony.

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D.CHIC is a famous and well-established brand in Vietnam. You can easily find one of their stores in a mall, for example. They offer off-the-rack dresses and clothes that look simple but are very tasteful. As buying clothes online can be tricky when it comes to size and fit, you can finally find a store to try your clothes on.

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CICI is a brand based in Ho Chi Minh City. Their dresses are very elegant, often in unicolor with a touch of fantasy. This perfect combination is the style you need to have for a gala or a very important event. Definitely not for a casual day at work.

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LARMES, meaning tears in French, is a brand based in Ho Chi Minh City. This store offers elegant women’s clothes with a classic and beautiful design. Even if the rumor goes that women never wear the same dress twice, in my opinion, the type of dress that would stand the test of time is. 

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CEVONNI is a well-known brand in Vietnam, famous for making high-quality clothes that last. The store is based in Hanoi and proposes some beautiful dresses with a sober and elegant design. Women looking to achieve timeless beauty will appreciate this store.

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Elpis Clothing is obviously a brand from Ho Chi Minh City, as the store proposes sexy yet sharp-looking dresses. Confident women with a touch of extraversion and a willingness to get an edge will love this style, which is not only growing exclusively in the South.

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7. Giulia Fashion House

Giulia Fashion House is a brand that proposes casual but refreshingly stylish clothes, perfect for the hot summers of Southeast Asia. If you are planning to go out on vacation and want to dress comfortably without sacrificing your style, look no further.

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Lyla Tran is a fairly new brand, but their clothes are very pure and minimalistic. Perfect for the refined woman, who doesn’t like to scream for attention but loves to subtly catch the trained and tasteful eyes.

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DELISIA OUTFIT is one of these brands I discovered through an excellent product. This beautiful dress, representing the constellations, is beautifully designed and crafted. Believe it or not, the fabric and colors look even more amazing in real life. It’s a shame that this model is not available anymore, but I am sure their new designs are as well made as this one.

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White Plan is a Ho Chi Minh City-based brand. If you are digging for slickly designed clothes, this store is for you, as it proposes some of the cleanest black-and-white and unicolor designs I’ve seen in a while. It is really hard to go wrong with this collection, as long as you want to look as sharp as possible.

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