Troyes Review

Troyes, situated approximately 2 hours from Paris, is coincidentally where one of my friends currently resides.

Let’s explore in this review whether Troyes is a worthwhile destination or even a great place to reside.

The city

Troyes, a French city in the Grand Est region located in the department of Aube, is famous for its medieval old town, adorned with colorful half-timbered houses dating mainly from the 16th century.

It is home to several remarkable Gothic churches, including the Troyes Cathedral, Sainte-Madeleine Church, and Saint-Urbain Basilica, all adorned with magnificent stained glass windows.

Troyes gained prominence as a city known for its clothing factories and outlet stores offering branded apparel at significant discounts.

It is also conveniently located just an hour and a half from Paris and only thirty minutes from Lac d’Orient.

For various reasons, the rent in this city is remarkably affordable. For instance, you can rent a small house for 350 euros, which is likely half the price of what you’d pay in Paris for a maid’s room.

Our experience

I’ve been to Troyes numerous times, and I’ve loved it since my first visit. I particularly enjoy driving from Paris to Troyes using small roads, which takes about two hours, but the scenery makes the journey truly worthwhile.

Venturing into the French countryside is almost essential when living or working in the city. You’ll encounter vast fields of rapeseed and minimal traffic. Listening to RTL2 radio is a perfect pastime while driving.

The city center

The downtown area is charming, with the Seine flowing through the city albeit in a smaller form, adorned with bridges and distinct neighborhoods on either side.

This city boasts numerous fountains, and its most striking characteristic is the wooden houses, reminiscent of those found in Normandy.

Exploring one of these houses or buildings, you’ll also appreciate the exposed beams, which, in my opinion, add a lot of warmth to the atmosphere.

The center is filled with numerous franchise stores and restaurants. While it may not be the most unique destination, I believe the city has retained its charm and identity.

Finding parking spots is a breeze and much more affordable than in Paris. There’s one main street and plenty of lesser-used small alleys.

The stores

Troyes is also recognized for its outlet stores offering discounted prices, notably Glen McArthur Mall, where products are typically discounted by an average of 30%, sometimes even more.

I’ve visited a few times, and I must say, the prices are incredibly competitive, even compared to online prices.

These stores primarily sell branded and luxury clothing, which I’m not particularly fond of, having lived in Vietnam and understanding the true cost of these products. Still, it is nice that you can have a place to shop and at a relatively decent price.

Lac d’Orient

From a technical perspective, the lake isn’t precisely within Troyes but rather in a neighboring city. Nonetheless, this closeness means that whenever you desire to cool off, you don’t have to journey far to enjoy the water.

The surroundings are lovely, with trees and even some sandy areas. You can observe people using pedal boats or boards to navigate the lake. There’s ample parking space available, and the beaches are well-visited, unlike places such as Île de Loisir de Vaires.

The people

While not the most cosmopolitan city, Troyes boasts a diverse population representing many ethnicities. The people of Troyes are generally friendly and laid-back.

Life here appears to be more pleasant than in the suburbs of Île-de-France and less hectic than in Paris. Perhaps due to the affordable rent and housing prices compared to the Île-de-France region, residents of Troyes are truly able to enjoy life without constant hustle.


8.5 out of 10.

All in all, I found Troyes to be a charming city with a countryside feel. It may not be the liveliest city in the world, but for a family seeking genuine and straightforward activities, I believe this place is definitely worth considering.

As a father, I can attest that this weekend significantly lifted my spirits and changed my perspective on France. Maybe I had grown somewhat weary of suburban life and the hustle and bustle of Paris.

Additionally, Troyes is one of the most budget-friendly cities in France, which adds to its allure for both tourism and real estate.



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