NEEWER Photo Studio Backdrop Support System Review

This review is targeted towards individuals who are beginners in studio photography.

Even the most steadfast photographers, who eventually venture into experimenting with strobes, flash, or LEDs, have encountered the necessity of acquiring a system to support a backdrop at some stage.

In this evaluation, we will assess whether the Neewer product is up to the task and if it is worth considering for photographers.

The brand Neewer

Neewer is a brand that specializes in producing accessories designed for photographers and videographers. Their product range encompasses lights, light stands, and various other accessories.

I believe the primary appeal of this brand lies in its production in China, making it relatively affordable while still maintaining a reasonable level of quality compared to generic, unbranded Chinese products.

It’s the type of brand you turn to when you aim to spend as little as possible, understanding that there might be a possibility of it breaking eventually, a scenario not dissimilar to many electronic goods in today’s market.

What is a backdrop and a backdrop support ?

A backdrop serves as the background within a studio, typically crafted from paper or fabric, providing a specific color to the setting. The commonly preferred backdrop colors include black and white.

Concerning its support, it essentially consists of two light stands, an elongated tube, and clamps to ensure the fabric remains taut.

What are the different sizes of backdrop support ?

The typical dimensions for a backdrop are generally taller than a human and more extensive than accommodating 2 or 3 individuals.

The entry-level choice with Neewer is 10ft x 7ft or 3.05m x 2.13m. This is the variant I opted for, given its affordability and my requirement for product photography.

However, I do find myself somewhat remorseful for not selecting a taller version, as it can still be collapsed to a similar size. This implies that a greater height would offer more versatility for various situations.

I would highly recommend you to get the 10ft x 8.5ft or 3.05m x 2.6 m. This way you’ll be set and the system is actually easier to install.

Do I need a high quality backdrop support ?

In my view, unless you’re dealing with a substantial roll of backdrop paper that will be walked on by talents, there’s no need to invest a significant amount in a backdrop.

Many backdrop supports remain stationary once set up in the studio. Purchasing an expensive option like the 300 euros Manfrotto 1314B may not be necessary, unless you anticipate frequent transportation to different locations.

Another type of backdrop support resembles a window blind. These need to be affixed to the wall and represent the professional counterpart to stands.

While undoubtedly more robust, they lack the flexibility of being moved around or collapsed into a more compact form.

Is paper better than tissue as a backdrop ?

In my view, the response is affirmative—paper serves as a superior backdrop compared to tissue. This is attributed to its distinctive texture and a more consistent shape.

The use of painted paper for walls in cycloramas exemplifies this preference, offering a unique bounce and a matte finish to the backdrop.

My take on the Neewer Studio backdrop support

Given that this is a budget option, possibly one of the most economical choices, one shouldn’t anticipate much beyond fulfilling its basic function.

Priced at approximately 54 euros on Amazon, this 10ft x 7ft version is adequate for most purposes unless you specifically require more headroom for portrait work.

Neewer background support and white background used as a backdrop

These backdrop supports can also serve as V-flats or scrims to modify, reflect, or diffuse light. If planning to use them outdoors in windy conditions, it might be advisable to consider a Manfrotto Skylite.

Neewer background support and white background used as a bounce


7.9 out of 10.

The NEEWER Photo Studio Backdrop Support System serves as the primary gateway to Studio Photography.

For rooms with lower ceilings, this system effectively serves as a backdrop support for portrait sessions or packshots.

I would recommend choosing the larger 8.5-foot version to enhance the versatility of this support. Having more headroom can always be beneficial, especially considering that the 7ft version may not seem very tall, and individuals of 6 feet or more may find themselves with limited headroom.

The kit comes with sand bags which are quite handy to maintain the stability of the whole support.


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