Annette’s Dinner Review

Annette’s Dinner is an American dining establishment situated in Disney Village. As a restaurant affiliated with Disneyland, it boasts some impressive decorations.

In this review, we’ll explore whether it’s worth a visit or not and if the food is worth the price.

The restaurant

The restaurant’s appearance is stunning. For some reason, this place strongly reminds me of Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant in Pulp Fiction.

It exudes a strong ambiance reminiscent of the American 1950s, the golden era adorned with icons like Elvis or James Dean.

Not only does the exterior look fantastic, but the interior is equally astonishing, adorned with neon lights and featuring an open kitchen.

It’s precisely the sort of establishment where you can envision waitresses gliding over to deliver your order on rollerblades.

There’s even a designated area for stroller parking, given that we’re in Disney Village, where most visitors are families on vacation.

The restaurant has ample space and numerous tables, typically accommodating groups of 4 to 8 people. There are two levels, and I must admit that the second floor appears even more appealing.

The menu

The menu is rather straightforward, essentially consisting of a three-fold design. Even our son seemed to enjoy its simplicity.

This segment will be brief. Annette’s Dinner specializes in burgers. While you can still find some hot dogs or wings on the menu, burgers are truly the standout option.

I’m actually surprised that they don’t offer steaks, as they’re also a classic and simple dish to prepare. They also have starters and menus.

Honestly, considering the American-sized portions, I believe that most people will be satisfied ordering a burger with French fries and a salad, along with a drink and a milkshake.

The establishment also provides other desserts like cheesecakes and ice creams. As for beverages, they offer all the classic soft drinks, wines, and beers.

Our experience

The milkshake came first although we consider them to be a dessert. Both of them were pretty decent. They are not the best milk shake I’ve had but they are better than the ones in Five Guys in my opinion.

I would have preferred to taste genuine vanilla in mine and authentic malt and cocoa in my wife’s milkshake.

For beverages, we ordered cherry Sprite and cherry Coke. I had initially wanted a vanilla Coke to enhance the Jack Rabbit Slim experience, but the drinks we chose were still enjoyable.

Regarding the burgers, they were massive. Portion-wise, I believe even an American would find them satisfying. I ordered the Rock’N’Roll for myself but ended up giving it to my wife.

My wife thought the burger was decent, but she’s not particularly fond of this type of cuisine.

Since I ordered a blue cheese burger and my wife is pregnant, I had to switch burgers. The one I ended up with was even bigger, with large pieces of zucchini inside.

While my burger was decent, it was far from the best I’ve ever tried. I believe places like Big Fernand or Paris NY in Paris serve far superior burgers.

We were taken aback to find that the chicken wings weren’t spicy hot wings and appeared black. In terms of flavor, they closely resembled those you can reheat in the microwave from the supermarket. It was somewhat disappointing, to be honest.


7.2 out of 10

It’s not my first time dining at Annette’s Dinner, and each visit is mainly to soak in the atmosphere of the location.

Honestly, the food doesn’t quite match up to the quality of the interior design. You’ll find much tastier burgers in Val d’Europe. For a real American-style burger, I recommend Factory & Co, and for a French-style burger, try Big Fernand. Both are just one train station away from Chessy Marne-la-Vallée, accessible via the RER A.

Nevertheless, I still think Annette’s Dinner is a pleasant place to dine, especially for families visiting Disneyland.

Just be aware that the food is nothing extraordinary and tends to be pricier compared to the other establishments mentioned above. Nonetheless, the ambiance is enjoyable, and they even host some dancing sessions.

If you are in the mood for the American 50’s vibe this restaurant can be a good place to have dinner.


Annette’s Dinner

Address: Disney Village, 2 Av. Paul Séramy, 77700 Chessy


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