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Sabaidee, situated in Pontault-Combault, France, is a restaurant that embodies the greeting “Bonjour” and specializes in Laotian cuisine.

In this review, we’ll delve into whether this establishment merits a visit to discover for yourself, as well as whether Laotian cuisine deserves greater visibility in France.

The location

Sabaidee, situated in Pontault-Combault, may not be in an area densely populated with Laotians or Asians, but when the quality of Asian cuisine is exceptional, it attracts customers from all backgrounds.

The restaurant is somewhat compact, yet it exudes a charming and cozy ambiance. Its inviting appearance is complemented by a spacious window that floods the interior with natural light, allowing the intricacies of the design to stand out.

Crafted from light wood, the tables exude a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while the walls, fashioned from black stones, add a touch of sophistication. It’s evident that the establishment pays meticulous attention to every detail.

It’s uncommon to encounter a Laotian restaurant in France, making it refreshing to find one with unique decor and a diverse array of colors.

The menu

The menu at Sabaidee draws inspiration from Laotian cuisine, yet this doesn’t exclude popular choices from other countries.

I believe the restaurant has struck a commendable balance by offering something distinctive while also catering to the preferences of Western diners with their favorite dishes.

I appreciate that the menu isn’t overly extensive, containing approximately five pages of food and drinks.

However, the absence of pictures may pose a challenge for those unfamiliar with Laotian cuisine, as descriptions alone may not fully convey what to expect from the dishes.

To assist Westerners in making selections, the menu is organized into easily comprehensible categories. Stir-fried dishes, pastas, soups, and other specialties are presented in a manner that anyone can readily understand.

They also offer a kids’ menu and side dishes like rice and sticky rice. Additionally, Sabaidee presents a selection of traditional Laotian desserts.

They offer a drink menu featuring popular soft drinks as well as selections such as Beer Lao, wines, and champagne.

As someone with a father born in Laos, I’ve sampled many of the dishes on this menu. Despite my familiarity with Laotian cuisine, I still found it challenging to select dishes as some were unfamiliar by name, and descriptions didn’t always provide a clear picture of the dish.

Our experience

This wasn’t our first attempt to visit, and the last time we tried, the restaurant was fully booked. This time, even though it wasn’t busy, we decided to make a reservation just in case.

Situated on a major street, the restaurant typically offers ample parking nearby. Upon arrival, we were promptly seated and presented with menus to make our selections.

The first course presented was the Tom Yam Koung soup, featuring a harmonious blend of shrimps, tamarind, and coconut milk.

It offered a rich and well-balanced flavor profile. Laotian cuisine possesses a distinctive taste, reminiscent of both South Vietnamese and Thai cuisines, yet with its own unique character.

We are quite acquainted with a dish known as Nem Tha Deua, or Com nem in Vietnamese, which essentially consists of fried rice with fermented pork.

I’ve tasted Nem Tha Deua at home and in various restaurants, but this was unquestionably the finest rendition I’ve ever had.

It was exceptionally crispy with a subtle sweetness and fresh herbs. The fermented pork was also exceptionally flavorful. I think it was perhaps one of the best dish.

The Lab Seen, or beef salad, was another dish I was familiar with, and it lived up to my expectations. This salad features raw beef marinated in lemon juice, akin to a carpaccio but with the addition of shallots and fresh herbs.

The Green Curry with chicken turned out to be the most delightful surprise of the evening. Although I was already familiar with this dish, it had been quite some time since I last had it, and I must say it tasted absolutely delicious and incredibly healthy.

All the dishes have a mild level of spiciness, not intimidating for Asians. For foreigners, I’m certain you can request the chef to reduce the heat if needed, although I personally don’t think it’s necessary.

The fried fish was also excellent. It’s evident that the chef pays close attention to detail, as evidenced by the careful cutting of the fish for easy consumption by the customers.

It almost seems like they’ve made an effort to remove as many bones as possible to ensure convenience.

In the end, my dad decided to order more food, including a papaya salad and some dry beef, which they also took the time to reheat.

I must admit, all the various dishes were impeccably cooked and presented. Even the iced tea had a superior taste compared to your average restaurant.


9.0 out of 10.

Since returning to France, we’ve dined at numerous restaurants, and this one has been the most delightful surprise thus far. Even when we venture to Paris to sample a highly acclaimed restaurant, we’re not as impressed. From the moment you step into this establishment, you can sense a genuine attention to detail.

Even the salad accompanying the Com nem was meticulously cut to the perfect size for rolling the dish. It’s the little touches like placing real flowers in a small vase that truly convey the level of care and attention given here.

This restaurant is definitely one we highly recommend and plan to revisit in the future. For me, it’s an obvious choice, especially if you enjoy Laotian cuisine. They have successfully challenged my top three Asian food spots.



Address: 61 Av. Charles Rouxel, 77340 Pontault-Combault

Phone: 09 79 66 19 01

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