Palais de St. Thibault Review

The Palais de St Thibault, situated in the city of St Thibault de Vignes, France, offers an Asian buffet. Given the high population of Asian descendants in this region of Seine-et-Marne, it’s one of several buffets in the area. Let’s explore how it competes with others in the vicinity.

The location

The eatery is situated in a bustling commercial area alongside stores like Aldi, Lidl, and various other businesses.

It boasts ample seating, occupying a sizable space resembling a square, with the buffet positioned at its center and kitchen in the back.

Though I’ve yet to see the restaurant at its busiest, my visits have predominantly occurred during daylight hours. Nevertheless, the buffet consistently attracts a considerable number of customers, particularly those of European descent.

Regarding pricing, it’s approximately 50 cents cheaper than establishments like Wok Grill Torcy with a price set at 15 euros for lunch and 20 euros for dinner. Kids will have to pay 8,90 euros.

The menu

One standout feature of this buffet, in my opinion, is the frequent replenishment of seafood, which contrasts with Torcy, where obtaining oysters can sometimes be challenging.

I’d argue that the range and diversity of food options are comparable to other buffets in the area. However, there are slight differences in the offerings and the quality of the presentation.

Starfood definitely exudes a more premium ambiance and its flavors are slightly superior as well.

One of the prime indicators of food quality is the sushi and maki stations. It’s easy to discern whether they’ve invested in a skilled sushi chef and developed original, cohesive recipes.

In terms of a Chinese buffet, I’d say the sushi here is decent. However, it’s clear they don’t match up to the standards set by places like Sushi Jidai, and even the sushi at Starfood is noticeably superior.

However, it’s essential for the quality to align with the price. In this instance, I believe the quality meets the price point adequately.

The place is offering a variety of options for starters and desserts. You’ll find salads, avocado, carpaccio, fruits, cakes and even candies.

Our son particularly relished the strawberries, finding them to his liking. Additionally, there were various fried foods available, including nems, squid, onion rings, nuggets, fried chicken, and samosas.

French cuisine is represented with offerings like rosette and cheese, while Italian dishes such as mozzarella with tomatoes are also available.

Finally, there are stations where ingredients can be cooked in the kitchen, particularly in the wok for stir-frying.

I believe you’ll easily find whatever you desire. The concept of a buffet is to indulge in a variety of dishes and treat yourself.

The establishment also provides dim sum, but to be frank, they don’t quite impress in terms of taste. On the other side, there are vegetables available to accompany the meat in your wok.

Our experience

Out of all the buffet in this area we’ve reviewed, this one is my dad’s preferred one. For me I would say it’s a little bit different than the one in Torcy but with a similar quality overall.

There are some decent products here that aren’t readily available in Torcy, like oysters, and they’re good, although they can’t quite compare to the ones at Pedra Alta.

Regarding sushi, they suffice, but they’re certainly not the finest you can find, even among buffet options. Frankly, I’d prefer to spend a bit more and enjoy authentic sushi from a Japanese restaurant.


7.7 out of 10.

Asian buffet in France, unless they really work hard and ask a premium price are ultimately a place offering average food in large variety and quantity.

Asian buffets in France, unless they exert significant effort and charge a premium price, tend to serve average food in large quantities and varieties.

For instance, even a fried spring roll from such buffets cannot rival one made at home, from a restaurant, or even a frozen version you buy in Tang Frères.

Buffets can sometimes give the impression of serving mostly inexpensive frozen dishes in a self-service setup, unlike establishments like Maison SEN in Vietnam, which offer notably fresh ingredients and high-quality dishes.

That’s why we often find ourselves somewhat disappointed by the quality whenever we visit a buffet. However, considering the price of 15 euros at lunchtime, I must admit it’s still quite a good deal compared to other options available and I must say, the service and waitstaff at this place are exceedingly polite and helpful.


Address: 1 Rue Lamartine, 77400 Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes

Phone: 01 64 30 88 88

Official website:

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