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Today, we’re planning to visit a Thai restaurant situated in Torcy. Although it has been around for some time, I haven’t had the opportunity to dine there before.

My sister used to be employed there, and I did sample the cuisine once during her birthday celebration. However, back then, I wasn’t particularly fond of spicy dishes and perhaps since the owner has changed.

The location

The setting exudes a distinctive allure; it once housed a French restaurant reminiscent of Le Grand Bleu. Situated overlooking the picturesque Torcy lake, it featured a breathtaking vista and a spacious terrace resembling a bay.

The establishment is expansive, constructed primarily of wood with multiple floors within. Interestingly, despite its Thai decor, the ambiance evokes a sense of seafood and fish, reminiscent of its previous French incarnation.

To be honest, the venue is rather impressive. There aren’t many places around here that look this good, to be fair. I could definitely see people come here to have a drink and enjoy the view during the afternoon.

The ambiance distinctly channels Thailand, with opulent gold touches, Buddha sculptures, and luxurious dark wood decor. The atmosphere exudes a subtle elegance, with dim lighting reminiscent of an old boat gently gliding along a river, if you can imagine it.

The menu

Konfusius offers four separate menus. One is dedicated to food, another to wine, and a third to drinks, predominantly cocktails as the establishment also functions as a bar. Finally, there is a menu specifically for desserts.

Let’s begin with the drinks. I have a hunch that this place could be an ideal spot to savor a cocktail. I’m confident that the view must draw many visitors looking to relax in the afternoon or celebrate in the evening.

The menu offers a wide selection, featuring a variety of sweet cocktails, including classics like “Sex on the Beach”, Bacardi Mojito or Caipirinha. They also serve soft drinks including coffees and teas.

As is customary in many fine dining establishments in France, Konfusius offers a selection of red and white wines, along with rosés and champagnes. While I haven’t personally experimented with pairing wine with Thai cuisine, I believe wines complement a wide range of dishes quite effectively.

The illustrated menu is a great feature, especially for those who may not be familiar with Thai cuisine. In France, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines tend to be more popular choices, but this visual representation helps bridge any gap in familiarity with Thai dishes.

I must confess, despite my Asian background, I was unfamiliar with the majority of these dishes. However, this turned out to be a positive aspect for us, as we were eager to explore something new and different.

Upon hearing from her friend about the delicious food served at this place, my wife and I decided it was worth giving it a try at least once.

In terms of cuisine, the restaurant offers a wide variety of small plates. As Asians, we enjoy sharing multiple dishes during a meal. While it may not be the easiest task to prepare such a spread at home, in a restaurant, it’s the ideal way to sample as many different dishes as possible.

Our experience

We were seated in the restaurant promptly, even without a reservation. On this occasion, we dined with my friend Uncle Jo, making us a party of four.

I found the tables for four a bit snug, especially when we ordered the Thai fondue, but overall, everything went smoothly.

The fondue was designed for individual servings, which I must say is quite uncommon. Typically, you would need to have at least two people to enjoy a fondue, so I appreciated the option to possibly have my own personal hot pot here although in this case we shared it and it was perfect.

The Thai Hot Pot, or Sukiyaki, which I initially thought originated from Japan, turned out to be excellent. Unlike Vietnamese or Chinese hot pot broths, which often lack flavor, the broth here was already flavorful even before cooking the vegetables. The ingredients for dipping in the broth were fresh and of high quality. Overall, I found this hot pot to be exceptional.

It’s almost a must to try a curry and a soup when visiting a Thai restaurant. The green curry with beef we ordered was delicious, although we still believe the one at Sabaidee remains the best we’ve ever had.

The Tom Yam Kung soup strongly reminded me of Canh Chua in Vietnam, but with a stronger and sweeter flavor profile. It was genuinely delicious, and I appreciated the small and affordable portions, allowing us to order multiple dishes.

We also ordered a Stir-fried Thai Rice to complement our meal with some carbohydrates. It was flavorful, although it didn’t stand out as particularly extraordinary.

We also ordered a salad that was originally supposed to be extremely spicy, but we requested the chef to reduce the heat since we’re not accustomed to the same level of spiciness as authentic Thai cuisine.

The sticky rice was tasty, although it was served in a bowl rather than the traditional bamboo basket that we’re accustomed to seeing in Vietnam or Laos.

On the table, there was a nutty, spicy sauce with a slight hint of shrimp and acidity. While the sauce was flavorful, I personally didn’t finish it because my tongue was already on fire from the crab salad.

My wife and I shared a Mango and Rice dessert, while my friend Uncle Joe had a three-color dessert, both of which were enjoyable.


8.0 out of 10.

Konfusius Torcy turned out to be a delightful surprise for us. Firstly, the ambiance is remarkable, offering one of the finest views of the city.

The interior space is expansive and captivating, and the food is consistently tasteful. While I’m not an expert in Thai cuisine, so I can’t make comparisons, especially to other Asian cuisines, I found the experience to be refreshing overall.

We highly value establishments where you can order an array of bowls and dishes, including the option for a hot pot, to enjoy with friends.

I would definitely recommend this place for Thai food; the prices were quite reasonable considering the ambiance, and the staff were exceptionally helpful.



Address : 20 Cr des Lacs, 77200 Torcy

Phone : 01 60 17 41 47

Website :

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