Lao Douang Dy Review

After experiencing a delightful meal at a Laotian restaurant, we were intrigued to explore another one to gauge its quality.

Occasionally, on weekends, we venture to Paris’s 13th district for a meal and some grocery shopping. On this particular occasion, our usual Vietnamese restaurant was fully occupied, prompting us to venture into this restaurant instead.

The restaurant

The restaurant is conveniently situated within the Galerie Olympiade, a small mall located in the bustling heart of the 13th district. While the mall may be slightly dated, it sees significant foot traffic, particularly on weekends.

In this neighborhood, restaurants tend to adopt a straightforward approach to design and decor. It’s an unpretentious place where you can eat a decent meal for a good price.

It bears a striking resemblance to certain restaurants in Lognes, like Wing Heng, where customers often visit for a quick meal.

This district is bustling with a variety of eateries, ranging from Thai and Vietnamese cuisine to Bubble Tea. After all, we are in the heart of the 13th district.

The establishment radiates a modest ambiance, evoking the feel of typical Asian restaurants, which can be a positive aspect. To be fair, considering the age of this mall, a completely new design might seem out of place and excessive.

The menu

We had anticipated encountering a wider selection of Laotian specialties. However, the menu is quite extensive and leans more towards Asian cuisine overall, rather than being specifically focused on Laotian dishes.

Many of the dishes offered are of Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai origin, which are notably popular in Europe. Interestingly, on that particular day, a significant portion of the customers were French.

The advantage here is that the prices are more affordable compared to restaurants in the suburbs, a feat that’s challenging to achieve in Paris. But perhaps this is the way the market is in this area.

The establishment also offers a selection of classic desserts and beverages, making the menu truly comprehensive with a plethora of options.

The experience

We were served more promptly than is typical for Asian restaurants. Given that it was almost 2 pm, this may need to be taken into consideration.

Our drinks arrived simultaneously and were all as anticipated. While they weren’t the best we’ve had, they were still satisfactory overall.

My wife ordered Sticky rice with Laotian sausage, and both tasted exactly as expected. The portion of sticky rice was slightly smaller than anticipated, but considering it’s a side dish, it makes sense.

My Pad Thai was unexpectedly flavorful, with generous amounts of sauce and a subtle acidic tang, almost as if lime juice had been incorporated into the dish.

In comparison to others I’ve sampled, I found this one to be among the best, delivering a sense of freshly cooked food. I am conscious that this place isn’t going to be the place for Pad Thai but still I thought the taste was more than decent.

Peanuts and chili powder had to be added separately, a practice also observed at Tuk Tuk of Saigon. I believe this allows customers to adjust the dish according to their personal preferences.

My dad ordered the fried noodles with seafood, which unfortunately I forgot to photograph so I took this one online. He mentioned that it was decent, but to be fair, he tends to give similar feedback regardless of where he eats the dish.


7.8 out of 10.

Lao Douang Dy offers a convenient option for a quick and affordable meal. While the atmosphere may not be the most inspiring, it serves its purpose well.

The food, considering its price, is more than satisfactory, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. It’s definitely a place that competes with Sabaidee but again their goal is perhaps not the same.

I’ve personally felt like the taste was above most restaurant I’ve tried near Lognes when it comes to Pad Thai. So it’s already a win for the price.

Perhaps we should have actually tried more Laotian dish I am sure it would have been a better idea since you can’t find it everywhere.


Lao Douang Dy

Address: 44 Avenue d’Ivry Centre Commercial OSLO

Phone: 01 45 86 08 86

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