Cô Ba Saigon Review

Cô Ba Saigon is a small Vietnamese restaurant situated in Paris’s 11th arrondissement, close to Place de la République.

Intrigued by a YouTuber’s mention, my dad decided to visit and judge its merits firsthand.

The location

I must admit, the location is intriguing. Being just a few meters from Place de la République and nestled in a tight corner adds to its charm.

The venue is notably compact, with fewer than 10 tables indoors. However, there’s the option of outdoor seating, which helps accommodate more guests.

The restaurant entrance, crafted from glass, effectively invites natural light into the space. Additionally, they cleverly employ a mirror on the wall, a simple technique to create a sense of spaciousness.

Despite its size, the venue remains a cozy spot for lunch or dinner. Upon observing the kitchen, it truly resembles a typical apartment or home.

Some decorations, particularly posters depicting French Indochina, adorn the space. While it may seem unusual given the colonial era, it aligns with the theme as the restaurant is named Saigon and located in France.

The menu

The menu, comprising two succinct pages, offers classic starters like fried and regular spring rolls, banh cuon, salads, and ravioli.

For main dishes, simplicity reigns with popular Vietnamese staples like Bo Bun and Pho, along with various rice dishes featuring meats and salads. Notably, Bo Bun allows for meat selection, traditionally beef.

Additionally, there are unique dishes hailing from countries like Laos or Thailand, including Mi Kathi soup and Pad Thai.

The restaurant also serves intriguing desserts like mango with sticky rice, Banh Khoai Mi, and Che.

Our experience

The staff was exceptionally welcoming and friendly, which isn’t always guaranteed, even among those sharing the same cultural background.

Vietnamese, particularly those from the southern regions, are known for their warmth and hospitality, often making efforts to ensure others feel comfortable and appreciated.

The initial dish served was a Bo Bun, which appeared very appetizing. Additionally, the staff kindly offered a nem for our son, which turned out to be quite delicious. Well seasoned with a strong taste of perfume mushroom like they make in the north.

My wife and I opted for the Pho, which, in our view, resembled homemade Pho. My wife found it reminiscent of northern Vietnamese Pho, Tai Chin, featuring only one type of meat.

Personally, I find restaurant Pho more enjoyable than the one my parents prepare, if that makes sense. It consistently has a distinct flavor that we struggle to replicate at home.

Lastly, we indulged in the Banh Khoai Mi dessert, which proved to be delicious and satisfying for those with a penchant for sweet treats.


7.9 out of 10.

Getting to this place wasn’t easy, considering we reside in the east of Paris, where the Asian community is concentrated.

Typically, when we venture to the city center, it’s to dine at restaurants like Ossek Garden which offer an experience. However, parking here costs over 6 euros per hour, essentially the price of a third bowl of pho. Despite its small size, we felt comfortable dining indoors.

The food was satisfactory, though not outstanding. If you happen to be in the area, it’s still a decent Vietnamese restaurant at a reasonable price and the staff is very kind.


Cô Ba Saigon

Address : 48 Bd du Temple, 75011 Paris

Phone : 01 48 06 98 93

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