3 Brasseurs Review

3 Brasseurs is an expansive brasserie situated in Troyes at the conclusion of the downtown’s main thoroughfare.

Truly, it stands out as one of the most splendid brasseries I’ve encountered in any city. In this review, we’ll endeavor to determine whether this establishment is worth visiting for a meal or a drink.

The location

3 Brasseurs is situated in Troyes, a city positioned an hour and a half from Paris. Troyes is indeed a delightful destination to explore.

A serene and tranquil city, offering ample space in the city center to relax and savor a drink or a meal.

In this particular area, there are numerous restaurants and a spacious square with plenty of terraces and seating areas under umbrellas. Surrounded by wooden houses, it’s a charming spot to spend your time.

3 Brasseurs is located in the old BOURSE du Travail which was a labor exchange was originally a placement office for workers, managed by trade unions, according to the proposal of the Belgian liberal economist Gustave de Molinari.

The location boasts a spacious and stunning terrace adorned with lush green bushes, creating a boundary for the area.

The interior is quite spacious, so big that you could put an entire food court there. Honestly the only place I know that can compete en terms of space would be La Felicita in Paris.

It’s truly one of the most striking venues I’ve encountered in terms of decoration. Despite its opulent appearance, it’s welcoming to all.

This is certainly the type of place where you’d want to gather to watch a football game, for instance. A friend of mine who also works in the food industry in this city mentioned that the owner is one of the wealthiest individuals in Troyes.

Similar to many modern establishments, this venue features an open kitchen setup resembling a counter. However, considering the size of the establishment, I found this design approach to be quite effective.

It appears they’ve retained the original spiral staircase, which I believe adds to the venue’s charm. Additionally, they’ve installed a spacious square-shaped bar in the center, providing ample space for individuals to enjoy a drink without encroaching on families dining nearby.

Étant une brasserie proposant leurs propres créations, l’endroit dispose également de tout l’équipement nécessaire pour produire une bière très savoureuse.

Inside the brasserie, there’s actually a specialist overseeing the entire process to ensure everything is running smoothly. You may even spot him dining in the establishment from time to time.

The venue also features intriguing decorations like paintings and posters. While overall well-designed, it does have a somewhat generic appearance.

The menu

The menus at 3 Brasseurs are quite straightforward. There’s one for beverages, presented in three panels, offering all the original beers brewed on-site.

There’s also a newspaper-style menu called La Gazette available, featuring articles to assist you in selecting beer pairings with your food or cheese.

The menu is fairly traditional and straightforward. It includes appetizers like cheese or charcuterie plates, generously sized salads, classic burgers, and hot dogs.

Additionally, there are flammekueches, which are a type of French pizza, as well as meat and fish dishes, Welsh specialties, and poutines.

On the last page, you’ll find a selection of menus and desserts. The menu is straightforward and well-crafted. The cuisine is very traditional, lacking in original or exciting options.

This establishment focuses on the size of the location and the atmosphere, offering predominantly classic dishes.

Our experience

We were promptly greeted and seated as it was only 6 pm, so the venue wasn’t busy yet. We were placed in an area that was still empty, which was perfect as we had a child who enjoyed running around and exploring the space around our table.

I ordered a Tartare of beef which was decent but nothing special in terms of taste. The ingredient seemed to be fresh but overall the food wasn’t particularly that exceptional.

Even a smaller bistro from a small city like Le Requis offered a food that was better in terms of taste.

The salad we shared consisted of potatoes, bacon, and goat cheese. It was satisfactory, but once again, nothing particularly thrilling or remarkable.

In the end, the flammekueche I ordered for my wife was enjoyable, but once more, it lacked any standout qualities. It fulfilled its purpose, but didn’t leave a lasting impression.

Perhaps the only standout item at this table was the beer. I opted for an IPA draft, and I must say, it was delightful and rich in flavor.

During happy hour, the price of a pint was nearly the same as a 33cl. I could easily picture myself relaxing inside or outside this venue with friends, enjoying a beer while watching a football game.

The price

On a positive note, considering how impressive the brasserie looks, the bill wasn’t as expensive as one might expect compared to brasseries in Paris.

Another intriguing aspect is that you can settle the bill by scanning the QR code on your table and then leave, which is once again something that would be challenging to implement in Paris.


7.9 out of 10.

3 Brasseurs is a brasserie restaurant that is absolutely stunning. It’s hard to imagine a better location in the city center of Troyes.

There’s nothing to fault about the decor; the place looks absolutely beautiful and spacious. I definitely think that the place must be busy in the weekends and at night.

While I’ve only tried the IPA, I found the beer to be exceptionally flavorful. It surpassed the quality of the standard draft beers you typically find, even among Belgian brands.

Regrettably, we found the food to be decent. It’s acceptable for a brasserie, but nothing particularly inspiring.

However, we believe that if the chef could offer something more refined, such as a tartare prepared right in front of you like at Brasserie George in Lyon, it would greatly enhance the experience at this establishment.

We believe that this establishment has immense potential, and selecting the right chef could give it that extra boost to become a must-visit destination.


3 Brasseurs

Address: 54 Pl. Jean Jaurès, 10000 Troyes

Phone: 03 10 04 81 80


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