Pho Dau Bo Review

Pho Dau Bo is situated in the bustling 13th District of Paris, right in the heart of the vibrant Asian community.

Every time we passed by, this restaurant piqued our interest, and we’ve been eager to give it a shot. Today, we finally made our way there, hoping that it would live up to our expectations.

The location

Pho Dau Bo is situated on Avenue de Choisy in the 13th District of Paris, in close proximity to Tang Frères and the renowned Galeries Olympiades mall.

The restaurant boasts ample space for the area, with plenty of seating available. Its standout feature is the picturesque view of the avenue.

The interior design features a classic aesthetic, characterized by light-colored woods. Although it’s not particularly extravagant, the atmosphere is pleasant and lively.

The menu

The restaurant’s menu strongly resembles that of Vietnamese eateries in France, featuring traditional dishes like Pho, Bo Bun, Bun Dau, and other soups such as Bun Rieu.

They also offer traditional specialties like banh bot loc and banh cuon, alongside Asian dishes such as Pad Thai.

However, it’s worth noting that while it’s not uncommon, not every restaurant provides starters like goi cuon or banh tom.

Surprisingly, despite Pho being their specialty, they seem to offer only one version featuring Bo Vien and regular meat, rather than a Dac Biet version.

You’ll also find traditional dishes like Com bo lui, Com ga nuon, or co vit quay, which are essentially rice plates served with various types of meat.

As a Vietnamese restaurant, they should also offer dishes like the classic Ca Kho To or stir-fried shrimps.

Traditional Southern dishes like Banh Xeo or Chinese-style Mi Xao Gion (crispy fried noodles with shrimp) are also available on the menu.

The menu boasts a wide variety, including several pages dedicated to Thai specialties, which is somewhat unexpected. Typically, Vietnamese restaurants tend to emphasize their local cuisine.

Our experience

Dining at a restaurant like this one on a Sunday at noon can be quite challenging. Given that this area is densely populated and bustling with activity, finding a parking spot and exiting the underground parking by 1 pm can be quite a hassle.

Even if you arrive early, like we did, and encounter traffic on the way, you’ll need to manage your time efficiently to avoid rushing.

As mentioned earlier, the restaurant is bustling, but it appears to have efficient service. We were seated promptly and ready to place our order within minutes.

Our drinks and starters arrived surprisingly quickly, perhaps within 5 minutes, which is impressive compared to the usual wait times we experience in the suburbs.

My dad opted for the lotus salad, and although it’s not something I would have chosen myself, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The salad had a well-balanced and flavorful seasoning. Both the meat and shrimp had a standard taste. The combination of herbs provided a refreshing and delightful overall flavor.

Following a brief delay, our bowl of pho was brought to our table, presenting itself quite appetizingly. Notably, the broth stood out with its robust flavor reminiscent of bone marrow or fat.

Overall, both the meat and the soup met our expectations. While it may not rank as the best pho I’ve tasted, it easily secures a spot in my top 5. It surpasses Pho Quynh but falls slightly short of Saigon Bonjour in my opinion.

My father and I both opted for the Tai Chin Gau, a variation featuring a combination of fatty meat and regular half-cooked beef.

My wife ordered the Bun Rieu Cua but was underwhelmed by it. She felt that it lacked the crab flavor and preferred the one at May Hong, which she found to be much better.

There may be different methods of preparing this soup. For example, I’m aware that pho in the south and in the north have distinct flavors.


8.0 out of 10.

We had been eager to try Pho Dau Bo for some time, but unfortunately, it didn’t quite meet our expectations. However, I must admit that the pho served in this restaurant is more than satisfactory.

While it may not become my top choice, I understand its appeal to others. The place is big, you have a good view the food is good so what else do you really need.

We would definitely come back to try some other food even though we still believe that places such as Saigon Bonjour will taste better.


Pho Dau Bo

Address: 87 Av. d’Ivry, 75013 Paris

Phone: 01 56 61 08 07

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