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Star Food is a new Asian buffet that opened its doors quite recently in the city of Lognes. There are many Asians and buffets in this area.

In this review, we will try to determine if this is a place you should try and adopt over the other options or just skip all together.

The restaurant

The restaurant is located in Lognes, near the A4 freeway. The place is in the same parking lot as other stores such as GiFi and Office Depot, and not too far away you can find stores like Boulanger et Autobacs.

The place used to be a Lidl Hard discount store, so the location is quite big for a restaurant. I think it’s even bigger than the Wok Grill Torcy we’ve reviewed before.

The restaurant is fairly new, so the interior is quite amazing, to be fair. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a restaurant look this good around here.

There is a sort of dim ambiance inside this place. Some areas are even very suitable for a romantic dinner, even if we are at a buffet.

There are what they call VIP rooms, which are basically rooms for people to eat in groups. Perhaps you need a reservation to go there.

The restaurant is so large that you have different kinds of sections in it. For example, you will have a banquet-style area for people in small groups, which looks quite amazing.

There are also huge long tables that can accommodate very large group of people. This place is quite interesting and is very auspicious to all kind of groups and events.

The decoration is also quite nice, with a glass wine cellar wall that exposes all sorts of wine. I think this is more used as a decoration, but still, it adds tons of charm to the place.

When I tell you that the sections are numerous, there’s also a space quite similar to a veranda in the side where most of the windows are.

For folks like us, there is the standard configuration, which is 2 or 4 people. This section is the most classic, obviously. I have to say that overall, I was very impressed by the interior design and decoration inside Star Food.

The place looks really classy, especially for an all-you-can eat restaurant in the suburbs of Paris. If the Work Grill Torcy wasn’t enough for you, this is basically the higher-end version of it.

The buffet

The buffet area is basically a large square with food counters on each side of it. This is actually a very efficient way to display food.

The con is that this makes the buffet look less garnished than in regular places where it is displayed in a long line.

Visually, this buffet looks so much more high-end than the other spaces, such as Saint Thibault des Vignes or Torcy.

This is thanks to colors such as black and copper used on the lights, pots, and pans. But also thanks to the well-designed tungsten-colored lights, which really fit with the luxurious setup.

I really feel like this place is aiming for a higher-end buffet than its competitors. Not only does the stand look better with some sort of cold fog coming out of the pipes, but the food choice is also very upscale.

For example, you’ll find some crabs, crawfish, mantis shrimp, whelk, and tons of other sea food dishes that you wouldn’t find in other spaces.

You also get some original rolls in the sushi section. These are much fancier than the classic ones found in Torcy, for example.

The rest of the food is quite similar to other spaces. Wether it’s the sushis and maki or the classic dishes. Still you’ll always find some fancy options in each of these food stands.

You can, for example, get some full legs of ham that you’ll have to cut yourself. This is definitely something that you can’t see every day.

Star Food claims that it proposes cuisine from most areas of the world, an offering not too dissimilar to Le Globe Trotteur in Chelles. In reality, I feel like it’s more a mixture of French and Asian food.

You can add to this combination some special products that are universal around the world, such as desserts and seafood.

This means that there will obviously be some starters. Those starters are not necessarily from one particular area. You’ll get, for example, some tomatoes with mozzarella and a bit of pesto. In theory, this sounds Italian, but in reality, you can find this type of dish anywhere in the West.

The same goes for cakes, fruits, and other types of desserts. I really feel like at these buffets, most of the food is actually either frozen or bought from the same factory anyway.

This is definitely not the place where you’ll find some real originality even though it’s always nice to end up your meal on these dessert options.

Although these options are quite classic and nothing special, I have to admit that at Star Food, there is definitely a lot of choice. Even in Vietnam, I’ve rarely seen so many different types of cakes.

If these cakes are definitely not the best or freshest you’ll ever eat, they still do the job as far as I am concerned.

Where Star Food really blew me away was in the cheese selection. If these cheeses are not necessarily coming out of the cheese maker, or if they are not the most aged, it’s still great to have the option to choose from all these different types of cheese.

Yes, you are not dreaming; there are really two refrigerators full of different cheeses. Although I doubt that you’ll ever have the space for it.

The section for fried food was there, but not as prominent as in other spaces. This is logical since it’s supposed to be a higher-end location.

Still, we tried the nems, or fried spring rolls, which were good, but the french fries were terrible.

I don’t think I can really take the time to describe all the food present in the restaurant; just know that it’s quite a large offering. Much larger than in other buffets, even if the food area isn’t as long.

Note that they are also making Vietnamese food such as pho and banh xeo on demand, and they also have a section for grilled food, although that’s their main focus.


8.2 out of 10.

If Star Food isn’t the best buffet I’ve ever eaten, it is still quite impressive. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a place that is that big and that looks that nice from the outside.

We are quite glad to have an all-you-can eat restaurant of this kind in our city, even though we are not the type of people who enjoy eating buffets that much.

For me, this is definitely one of the best buffets in this area. It’s not that the food is particularly better. I think the formula stays the same.

But the scale of the restaurant and the offerings are a notch above what the competition does. This can obviously feel over-the-top sometimes, and of course, sometimes quality is better than quantity.

This is the game of buffet, and in this game, the last one to rebid is usually the winner. To get these extra options, you’ll need to pay 18 euros for an adult and 4 euros for a child under 3.

Perhaps the only thing the restaurant got wrong was the name. Star Food is fairly used and therefore not very easy to find on the web.


Star Food

Address: 3 All. des Palombes, 77185 Lognes

Phone: 07 69 44 91 78


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