10 Insights You’ll Grasp After Turning 30

statue of Marcus Aurelius, Campidoglio, Rome, Italy

Once more, this blog serves as a valuable platform for us to contemplate life and various facets of it. The aim is to capture shared experiences and insights from life.

These are 10 realizations that I’ve come to grasp over the span of 30 years.

1. You shouldn’t concern yourself with the opinions of others

The opinions others hold of you aren’t your concern. Furthermore, if you depend on others’ opinions to navigate your life, you’ll never authentically express yourself or truly exist.

I’m not suggesting that you should disregard external feedback for self-improvement. However, it’s crucial to remember, as Marcus Aurelius stated in his meditations, that a tree bears fruit by being its true self. Our purpose on Earth, our destiny, lies in embracing and being true to ourselves rather than conforming to societal norms.

2. Society prioritizes its own interests, which may not always align with yours

The primary role of society is to uphold the functioning of the system, even when it diverges from reality. This entails society’s efforts to preserve its structure despite ongoing changes in the world.

It falls upon citizens to evolve this cultural framework. A state parallels a large corporation in its need for profitability to ensure its citizens’ well-being. This necessitates harnessing the full potential of its citizens. Unfortunately, achieving this is improbable when those in power are not selected based on their competence and moral integrity.

3. School isn’t trying to harness your full potential

School is merely a component of the larger system. The educational system was established in the 1800s by fascists to generate obedient workers.

By the time you attain a master’s degree, you’ll realize that your job is merely another empty, superficial milestone in your life.

The true path to discovering your purpose is by heeding your inner voice and investing in yourself from a young age.

4. Real life is very competitive

Contrasting a secure job such as accounting, you’ll come to see it as a stable profession that few individuals truly aspire to pursue.

Embarking on a genuine career is akin to venturing into a city on your own to uncover your true potential. Here, you’ll encounter the realities of the market, where genuine meritocracy prevails.

In my opinion, given that only 2% of the population have a career, it’s preferable to expose your children to it at an early age. That’s also why the most successful people are innovators and explorers. Because they are willing to discover a new market and be monopolistic.

5. There’s only two type of women men are attracted to

The theory I am proposing is contentious. On one hand, men are drawn to physical attractiveness, commonly referred to as “hotness,” while on the other hand, they are attracted to moral beauty or grace.

When seeking a long-term partner, intelligent men will prioritize grace because the prospective mother of their child should exemplify morality.

Attractive women represent a desire for reproduction. Their physical appeal signals health and fertility, which is why men are inclined to impregnate them to ensure the continuation of their lineage.

However, men often harbor resentment toward them afterward if they lack moral values and find it challenging to coexist with them.

6. Exceedingly attractive individuals may not feel the need to cultivate moral virtues

I would tend to say that there seems to be a high correlation between name and personality and physical appearance and personality.

I’m not suggesting that physically attractive individuals lack inner beauty. In fact, it often appears to be the case. However, individuals who have experienced an easy journey without adversity may not have had the opportunity to demonstrate grace and build character.

7. A sense of morality is the base for any form of quality

Morality forms the foundation for any trait to be beneficial. Even if a man is exceptionally competent and ambitious, he will be of little value if he lacks trustworthiness.

Similarly, if a woman is exceptionally beautiful but promiscuous, she will lack utility. Morality is what enables individuals to be useful to others, providing a basis for acceptance and love.

8. A diverse array of personalities is necessary to form a complete world

Much like the concept of duality, there are instances when the coexistence of various personality types is crucial for the world to operate effectively. Even individuals with psychopathic tendencies or selfish traits can fulfill specific roles in certain situations.

The richness of life’s experiences is heightened by the presence of diverse personalities. The primary objective is to embrace one’s own identity and role.

9. A society that disregards morality is destined for failure

Culture holds immense significance for both a state and a collective of individuals. However, if this culture lacks a foundation in morality or the pursuit of the common good, the society is inevitably bound for failure, as individuals will prioritize their own interests at the expense of the society.

10. Temperance is a key to wisdom and peace

In contemporary society, there’s a prevalent tendency to flaunt ourselves excessively in an attempt to differentiate from others, often at the expense of practicing temperance.

Temperance involves leading a modest lifestyle and refraining from any form of excess, whether it be material possessions or indulgence. This practice is crucial for attaining inner peace and freedom from the judgment of others.

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