Extremes vs Balance in modern times

Throughout the history of mankind, balance has consistently been the preferred approach. This principle, often symbolized by Yin and Yang, is actually a fundamental principle of the universe.

However, in modern times, this principle has been challenged by the advent of technology and the rise of mainstream media.

Why balance is desirable ?

Before exploring this topic further, it’s important to clarify what we mean by balance. Balance refers to the equilibrium of forces, distributed as evenly as possible.

For instance, achieving a peaceful life requires balancing work and leisure, time alone and with family and friends, and passion and moderation.

Facial attractiveness is governed by symmetry and balance, which indicate healthy genes. Interestingly, studies have shown that in American football, quarterbacks tend to have the most symmetrical faces compared to other positions.

Why the paradigm have change for extremes ?

With the advent of the Internet, smartphones, and the abundance and concentration of content, our minds are being rewired to focus only on what is extraordinary—in other words, extremes.

As a result, models now often have exaggerated features that highlight markers of health, such as a pronounced jawline. This trend has even led individuals with naturally balanced features to undergo surgery to conform to this new norm.

Movies nowadays often resemble extreme entertainment, akin to an amusement park ride, rather than traditional films. This reflects a trend of escalating extravagance in the film industry.

In communication and marketing, the trend is to capture as much attention as possible. For example, in the fashion industry, people often wear unique and extravagant clothing to showcase their exuberant personalities.

This isn’t necessarily driven by a need for compensation but rather by the necessity to stand out and be noticed in the first place.

What does this means for new generations ?

This trend implies that people must choose to forgo balance in order to stand out and be noticed, often sacrificing their inner peace in the process.

Although this may have always been true to some extent, with only a small percentage of individuals willing to sacrifice everything, it seems that in modern times, even achieving modest success requires this level of extremity.

Creativity and originality has become more desirable than intellect

This also implies that individuals with creativity are often more rewarded than those with technical abilities.

Creativity involves the ability to conceive something entirely new, which inherently requires thinking outside the box to a degree that sets one apart from the majority.

People may live outside of herds

Trendy girl in convertible car using smartphone

While not everyone may find it desirable, pursuing individualism and one’s ideals often leads to living outside the confines of established social circles, such as childhood friends, in order to maintain authenticity.

This shift also results in people feeling less connected than in the past, experiencing fewer strong bonds and social interactions.

Can extremes and balance fit together ?

While it’s challenging to maintain both extremes and balance simultaneously, it is possible to embrace radical approaches in your twenties and transition towards greater balance in your thirties or forties, which is particularly desirable when raising a family.

In the end, achieving balance is the most desirable outcome as it promotes a healthier lifestyle. However, due to the Pareto distribution, is it inevitable at some point to sacrifice balance to achieve an extreme, or are some people inherently predisposed to extremes from birth?

Generally speaking, modern models tend to exhibit both symmetry and exaggerated features. However, this is a topic that could be explored further in the near future.

What do you think?

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