Sky Lotte Observation Deck Review

I’ve always love rooftop experience. Especially in a warm climate, one of the most famous rooftop in Hanoi is located in the Lotte Center and is called Sky Lotte Observation Deck.

I was expecting it to be an open space restaurant bar like in the valentine’s song of the famous Vietnamese singer Đức Phúc but it seems like this one was located in the hotel section of Lotte Center. But this is the Top of Hanoi Restaurant.

In the mall area was the Sky Lotte Observation Deck which was the last floor of the building with the shopping center. We’ll see in this review if it’s worth the value and your time.

The location

Lotte Center Building located in Ba Dinh

Like previously stated, Sky Lotte Observation Deck is located in The Lotte Center which is a 272m glass building build by Korean in the district of Ba Dinh.

There are actually many buildings in this center, one of which is a luxury mall very reminiscent of Galerie Lafayette in France.

There are actually two roof tops one is an outside restaurant and bar the other one is the last floor where tourist come to take pictures with a bar lounge.

Since that specific day it was raining, we opted for the last floor. The access of this location is a bit tricky you’ll have to go to the underground floor where the super market is and find the ticket desk. From there after paying 180,000 for locals and 250,000 vnd for foreigners.

The activities

Uncle Jo with Yooyi

We chose to go to the Lotte Center because we were expecting a store about VR Gaming to be open. Unfortunately they moved without updating their google map page.

In the Lotte Center the activities are really limited outside shopping and eating compared to an Aeon mall for example. So if you go to Sky Lotte Observation Deck it will most likely be the only activity outside the mentions above.

Inside the last floor of this building have :

  • A 360° view of the city with some binoculars
  • A Bar lounge where to sit and have a drink there seems to be a DJ boot for partying
  • A small museum
  • Some spot to take nice pictures (observation deck)
  • A future VR Concept (not available at the time of the visit)

The experience

Entrance in the underground level of the Lotte Center

The first thing you’ll experience is the entrance which looks very dim and classy almost like the entrance of a night club.

Once you buy the tickets you’ll cross some turnstile which will lead to an elevator. This elevator have it’s own experience with lights and screens showing some countdown with the number of floors and some background of the cityscape like the train track in Hanoi if I remember correctly.

The elevators to go to the Observation deck

Riding this elevator will make you feel cabine pressure and lock your ear just like in planes. Once you arrive at the 65th floor you’ll be greeted with a beautiful view of the city.

Corner of the Lotte Center Building

You can walk around and have a 360° view of the city and even use binoculars to see far away. Those binoculars are free not like in many other monuments in Europe. You also have tons of place to sit down and enjoy the view.

Yooyi enjoying the chairs

One highlight of the activity is to take a picture in the observation deck which is basically a cage made of glass where you can walk by removing your shoes and enjoy the height below.

One of the two observation decks in Lotte Center

There are also some other activities linked to the city like a museum where they are using screens to show paintings, also some spot to take pictures reminiscent of places like the train tracks and soon there will be a VR experience within this floor.

Train Track photo stand inside the Lotte Center

Finally there is a bar and lounge where you can enjoy a drink an probably enjoy some party at night. Perhaps the Sky Lounge becomes a night club at certain hours. I have to say the location is quite perfect to party.

Enjoying a drink in the Sky Lounge

As the sun goes down the lights from the floor are turning up giving a beautiful ambiance to the place. The atmosphere turns from a touristic spot and more clubbing experience. As an old man who use to club a lot in his youth, I have to say I miss this kind of atmosphere.

The drinks were honestly good and affordable for the place. I don’t think it’s more expensive than the regular bar or lounge. Around 250,000 vnd for a hard drink and slightly more for a cocktail.


7.8 out of 10

All in all this spot is quite interesting for enjoying a view and having a drink. Especially in a city like Hanoi where there are not tons of sky scrapers.

The regular rooftop in Hanoi is just slightly taller than regular a building so finding an inside lounge with this kind of view is quite rare in this city.

The price of admission is decent even cheap compared to let’s say the top of the Rockefeller building in NY (40 dollars) or the top of the Eiffel Tower (26 euros).

Also the drinks are not more expensive than any other traditional night club or bar so it’s definitely a good value experience for the price.


Address : 54 P. Liễu Giai, Ngọc Khánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội 100000, Viêt Nam

Phone : +84 24 3333 6000

Website :

Facebook :

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