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Nestled in the heart of Serris, France, The Aquarium Sealife offers an enchanting and immersive experience that takes visitors on a journey through the wonders of the deep blue sea.

From the the majestic creatures of the ocean to the penguin of Antartica, this attraction promises an educational and awe-inspiring adventure for visitors of all ages.

Join us as we dive into the depths of The Aquarium Sealife and share my firsthand experience.

An Inspiring Marine Diversity

Sea Turtles inside Sealife Paris Val d’Europe

Upon entering The Aquarium Sealife, I was positively surprised by the diversity of marine life on display. The aquariums houses an impressive array of species, ranging from colorful tropical fish to graceful rays and mesmerizing sharks.

The place isn’t that big; I’ve definitely been to much bigger aquariums. But this one is located inside a mall near my hometown, so it’s definitely nice to have a place like this one.

Each exhibit is thoughtfully designed to mimic the natural habitats of these creatures, creating a sense of authenticity. The location also exhibits some designed spaces, such as the inside of a boat or a submarine, that are hard to find in other aquariums.

The place is a bit dark at times, but it is probably setup to give the most attention to the creatures behind the glass.

Educational Opportunities

The most impressive aquarium of Sealife Val d’europe

As a blogger and a lifelong learner, I deeply appreciated the educational opportunities offered by The Aquarium of Sealife. Throughout the facility, informative signs and interactive displays provided fascinating facts about the marine species, their behaviors, and the importance of marine conservation.

This emphasis on education not only enhances the visitor experience but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards protecting our oceans and their inhabitants.

For each aquarium, you can get tons of information on the side panels, but perhaps the most interesting informations comes from the staff, who once in a while will come to explain and give some facts about the species present in the area.

They also have some sort of soundtrack playing in the largest aquarium, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

An Interesting Underwater Tunnel

Tunnel sous l’eau à Sealife Paris Val d’Europe

One of the highlights of our visit was the underwater tunnel that offers a 360-degree view of a bustling marine ecosystem.

Walking through this tunnel, we felt completely immersed in the underwater world, surrounded by graceful white sharks hovering overhead and schools of fish darting all around us. It was an otherworldly experience that left me in awe of the beauty and complexity of marine life.

The Tunnel was a bit short compared to the one in the Vinpearl Aquarium Time City. We’ve noticed that the glass seems to be thicker and has more distortion than other aquariums we’ve visited before.

Enriching Interactive Activities

The dedicated educational area

The Aquarium of Sealife goes far in engaging its visitors. Interactive pools allowed me to get up close and personal with some of the marine creatures, like stingrays and hermit crabs. Of course you can’t touch the fish, but being so close to them is actually very important when you want to get closer to nature.

There are also spaces for children to draw and some interactive screens for adults to learn more about the different species.

Additionally, there were feeding sessions and live shows where knowledgeable staff members provided fascinating insights and answered questions, adding a personal touch to the overall experience.

Family-Friendly Environment

Une fenêtre sur l’univers des penguins

The Aquarium Sealife is the perfect destination for a family day out. The facility is well-designed, with stroller-friendly pathways and rest areas for tired little feet.

Throughout the exhibits, there are engaging activities tailored for children, ensuring that they remain entertained and captivated throughout the visit.

The Penguin area was one of the most interesting for us. These creatures really give an entertaining show when they go in and out of the water.

Sphere glass to be immersed in the water

The most interesting aquariums had some form of space to be immersed in the water. I think this is a really nice touch. The view is also unmagnified to really give you the feeling of being fully present with the fish.

The store

Inside the Sealife souvenir store

This is also another positive point about the experience finishing with a store, like when you do a Disney attraction. We felt like it was a nice touch for getting a souvenir of the day.

The prices seems to be reasonable, you can spend 3,50 euros for a ball that will please your kid or 20 euros for a stuffed fish.


7.9 out of 10.

My visit to The Aquarium Sealife in Serris, France, was a good experience. From the marine diversity to the enriching educational opportunities, every aspect of this attraction was thoughtfully curated to delight and inform visitors.

Yooyi in the stroller with my wife

Whether you are a marine enthusiast, a family looking for a fun day out, or simply someone seeking a moment of wonder, The Aquarium Sealife has something magical in store for you.

I highly recommend this marine wonderland to anyone visiting Serris or its surrounding areas; it’s an experience you might enjoy.

Sealife Paris Val d’Europe Walking Tour

Perhaps the price of admission for an adult of 23 euros is a bit expensive for the duration of the tour, which last a little bit over an hour but since you can’t stay as long as you want and even come back again during the same day, it’s still worth experiencing it.

The Aquarium is free for children under three years old. Note that you can get a 20% discount if you buy online, but only in advance. So plan your visit carefully.


Sealife Paris Val d’Europe

Address : Ccial Val d’Europe, 14 Cr du Danube, 77700 Serris

Phone : 01 60 42 33 50

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