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Kidzooona is presented as a discovery learning center for children, but it really is a place for kids to play around with other kids while the parents are in the mall.

Perhaps the place is ideal for adults to spend time with their children, socialize their kids, or even split out while one is making the groceries.


Aeon Mall Long Bien

Located in Aeon Malls, Kidzooona is a place located near the food court, at least in Long Bien. The area for playing is quite large, and the choice of toys is fairly wide. There are actually multiple choices when it comes to this type of establishment; one competitor is A Tiny World, which seems to be as popular, and another is Fun Zone.

My wife and I wanted to come to Aeon Mall to let our son play and socialize with other kids outside of our street for a change. We all know the importance of learning to play with others before the age of three.

Price of admission

To bring our one-year-old son, accompanied by my wife and myself, we had to pay 240,000 VND. This included 2 pairs of socks (10,000 VND each). Members can get a discount, and to be a member, you have to come one day a week to register.

For hygiene reasons, you will have to wear socks; you can bring your own, and you have a dedicated space to leave your shoes. After paying, you will receive a bracelet that you’ll have to keep inside the facility.

Required age

Tom 1 year old and playing in Kidzooona

There’s no required age per se. But your children will have a better experience if he can walk, and he has to be at least 75 cm. Children having the most fun are the ones who can run, jump, and fall without any danger, so probably around ages 2-3.

Games avalaible

There are many types of games inside Kidzooona, enough for your kid to be focused for a couple of hours at least and spend enough energy to sleep very deeply at night.

Playing with Toys

Tom playing with the car

The first section near the entrance is devoted to very simple games. Such as moving a car inside a circuit or balls within a wire. Those first games are perfect for babies to learn basic physics and improve their motor skills.

Creative Games

Tom reaching for the book instead of playing with construction games

These creative games include legos and other magnets—pieces that you can add up to build objects such as cubes, houses, airplanes, crocodiles, horses, etc.

Tom playing with the magnets

We thought that the magnets were a great way to introduce construction games to babies too young to have the necessary dexterity to play Lego.

For almost each of these games, there is a screen with tutorial videos to make it easier for children to grasp the concept.

Playing the Adults

Tom learning how to do the groceries

I love how children learn through mimesis. I remember seeing my niece during Christmas with a baby doll and stroller with bags of clothes, and she was naturally walking around like an adult in a shopping mall. We were having a blast.

Other kids in the hospital and kitchen

So in Kidzooona, your kid will be able to do the groceries, make burgers, pizzas, sushi, and ice cream. They will also be able to do the most known jobs in society, such as fireman, policeman, doctor, cook, etc.

Physical Games

Tom playing with the balls

Physical games include pools of plastic balls, slides, a balloon castle, a parcours, and one very funny rolling transparent balloon that looks almost like a hamster wheel.


There is a very basic cafeteria inside the facility, with water and some food. If this is not enough, you can always go out and buy some food within the mall since chairs and tables are at your disposition.


7.5 out of 10.

Kidzooona is an interesting concept for kids and parents alike. In Vietnam, the streets are filled with bikes and cars that can be dangerous for children.

Having a lot of toys at home can also be difficult to maintain because of the weather and fast-growing mold. Children are increasingly spending their time watching screens, so they sometimes need to return to physical activities.

Tom playing with this memory object

Instead of going to the park or invite other parents and kids at home, you can go to the mall and have dinner then bring your children to play in one of these facilities.

Our child was a bit young to socialize with other kids but it can be a nice place for them to make friends and learn to play with one another.

Tom playing in the pool of balls

You will note that most adults are sitting or lying around watching their phones while their kids are having fun.

Unfortunately, paying 240,000 vnd for two people and one kid is expensive by Vietnamese standards. In my opinion, kids playgrounds should be more affordable, especially if they want the kids to come back more often.

Maybe a membership makes it more affordable, but still, parents probably have to dine and do some groceries in the mall as well.

Some malls in other countries offer to keep your children for free while you are shopping.

Maybe since it is an Aeon franchise, they should see this service as an opportunity to draw families into their shopping center more often, as most parents are keen to make their children happy.

Also, most of the games can be bought and played at home. I wish the selection of these games would be more original—something out of the ordinary, if you will.


Kidzooona Long Bien

Address : Aeon Mall Third Floor

27 Co Linh Road, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City

Opening hours

10:00 – 22:00 (Weekdays)
09:00 – 22:00 (Weekend & Public holidays) 

Phone : 024 6664 2452

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