Fu Rong Hua Review

Fu Rong Hua is a Cantonese style restaurant chain located for now in Hoan Kiem District with two restaurants at the moment.

In this Cantonese style restaurant, you will find Chinese specialties such as Dim Sum, Peking Duck, Char Siu (Chinese Barbecued Pork), Dumplings, Wonton, and other classic dishes from China or Hong Kong.

The location

Fu Rong Hua located in Hoan Kiem

The location we tried was in Hoan Kiem Lake, very near to the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square more precisely in Đinh Tiên Hoàng street. This location is very packed especially on the week-end and the rent is extremely expensive.

We arrived there in the most busy night of the week : Saturday Night. This day is when most concerts and events happens in The Square. So this night the restaurant was very busy especially in the entrance, so much so that without a reservation, we almost decided to leave.

Inside the restaurant entrance

Fortunately the wait wasn’t too long as there are many floors in this restaurant. Apparently when you enter the restaurant they will ask you if you want to eat a hot pot (lẩu) or normal food. They will send you to a specific floor according to your choice. We came here for eating normal dishes so we were invited to join the 2nd floor as the first floor was already full.

The Chinese Interior design of the 1st floor of the Restaurant

The decoration of the restaurant is very reminiscing of Chinese culture. The furniture et lightning is well made and there is an open kitchen that let you have a preview of the food that will end up in your plate, perfect to whet the appetite combine with a screen in the entrance showing you reels of the cooking process.

The second floor of the restaurant

The second floor, gives a beautiful view of the walking street surrounding the lake thought it’s impossible to watch a concert from this location. In each floor you have dedicated staff members kitchen but also a counter to pay your bill.

View from Fu Rong Hua second floor

I’ve personally never been to China so I can’t really say if the configuration or the interior design is original or traditional. It definitely looks Chinese thought.

The food

Picture of some of the dishes from Fu Rong Hua

The waitress will bring you to your table and give you a paper with the list of food not as different as a paper given in a sushi buffet, but this time accompanied by a menu with illustration to help you recognize the dishes visually.

Illustrated menu from Fu Rong Hua

The menu is incredibly rich they have basically 2 page and a half of choices, probably near 100 different items.

Our order for the night

For our first try we wanted to be safe and choose some classic dishes we already knew and missed, such as Peking Duck, Char Siu, Wonton, Seafood Fried Noodles, Dim Sum and Dumplings for our baby.

I was personally hoping to see these Peking Duck Pancakes in the menu but perhaps it is a non-traditional recipe.

Eating in Fu Rong Hua in Hoan Kiem

The restaurant proposes popular recipe and execute them with care. I use to eat a lot of Peking style duck with traditional chinese recipe back in France and I have to say that the taste of the chicken is very different from the recipe in Vietnam.

First off, Duck meat in France is larger in size and very fatty too. This duck and the Xa Xiu were delicious and particularly tender and juicy. In Vietnam the poultry tend to be firm and lean, which is actually a gage of quality when it comes to farming, since the animals needs to be running around to have this kind of texture.

I have to say thought, when it comes to taste, Tender and Juicy is a very good combination used by many fast food chains such as KFC or Popeyes. For French people for example, meat should always be cooked this way. That’s why in America male chicken are sadly discard.

The Duck and Xa Xiu were both accompanied with a delicious sweet sauce, maybe a tad too sweet for the Char Siu.

The Ha Cao (Dim Sum) were home made and using fresh shrimp. I have to say it feels completely different than the Frozen ones you can buy in the Super Market.

The Sui Cao were good as well, even thought the soup was nothing special. The same goes for the Banh Bao, at least they didn’t have this coconut taste you can also find in the bread here.

The Mi Xao was tasty prepared in a Wok and not served with noodles coming out of a Mi Goi like some restaurants would do here. Unfortunately the noodles were not the ones that you can eat crispy in my opinion.

The drinks we tried were nothing special but still did their job of cleaning our palate properly.


7.8 out of 10

Cantonese food is very well known and appreciated World Wide. This restaurant is one of the best I’ve tried when it comes to chinese food.

The strength of this restaurant I believe is the meat. Vietnamese people also eat a lot of roasted duck and Char Siu. But the meat is usually not as good when it comes to tenderness and juiciness in my opinion.

The rest of our order were also good and reminded me of the food I eat in my Home City with Tang Frères and other restaurants.

Perhaps we missed a bit of the Siracha here called Chinsu because of the famous brand or really Tương ớt, to mix with our soy sauce for the Dim Sum.

The price for the meal was around 1,000,000 vnd, so no wonder the products were a bit higher in quality than the more affordable options.

This place reminded me a bit of a chain restaurant with a certain level of quality, but with high prices compared to the average Vietnamese restaurants.

My wife and I eating at Dim Sum Corner

For example you can have a similar exprience in restaurants such as Luk Chew Hong Kong and Dim Sum Corner in Hàng Bông, for less money and a with a more popular setting.

I don’t think this restaurant is the best when it comes to each dishes but overall if you are looking for a place where the standard is high for every meal, the decoration more elaborate and you are willing to pay a premium, this place could be the right one for you.


Fu Rong Hua

Address : 9 P. Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Phone : 024 3936 9797

Website :

Facebook :

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