Poll : The Best Fast Foods in Vietnam

Fast food chains are rapidly gaining traction in South East Asia and Vietnam is not different. Even thought western fast food restaurants are considered moderately expensive in Vietnam, it doesn’t prevent the population to enjoy it with their family.

After all fast food is sugar and fat so no matter where on earth you were born, this combination will be attractive to most humans.

In this poll we will try to have a preview on which Chain Vietnamese love the most. You’ll probably discover some new place to try as well.

  • Question of

    Best Fried Chicken

    • KFC
    • Popeyes
    • Lotteria
    • Jollibee
  • Question of

    Best Burger

    • McDonalds
    • Burger King
  • Question of

    Best Pizza

    • The Pizza Company
    • Al Fresco
    • Pizza Domino
    • Pizza 4P’s
    • Pizza Hut
    • Cowboy Jack’s
    • Pizza Belga
  • Question of

    Best Banh Mi

    • Bami Bread
    • Banh Mi Pho
    • Bami King
    • Banh Mi Hai Map
    • Tuhu Bread
    • Bami Viet

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