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iSushi is a restaurant chain part of the Golden Gate group who owns famous franchises such as GOGI, Sumo or Cowboy Jack’s.

Restaurant from the group written on the wet napkin

As the name suggest iSushi is a restaurant serving Japanese Raw Fish, more specifically an all you can eat buffet with mainly Fresh Sashimis, Sushis, Makis and Californian rolls. Surprisingly they also propose barbecued selected meat, perhaps in case someone from the group cannot eat raw fish.

The location

Restaurant iSushi in Hai Ba Trung

We’ve first try iSushi in Hai Ba Trung for Valentine’s Day, at the time I honestly didn’t know this was a restaurant part of the Golden Gate group, I was just missing Sushi and even more all you can eat Sushi.

The thing with Sushi is, you can eat as much as you want, you’ll unlikely feel guilty or unhealthy afterward. The idea though when you eat this kind of food is to favor health and therefore avoid hurting your belly. So it’s rare to see people stuff themselves with Raw Fish.

The place in Hai Ba Trung was fairly big and well located. Inside the restaurant were a lot of customers including the middle upper class. By the decoration and the logo we understood quickly this was a chain restaurant. Not that we are against chain restaurant, since popularity often rhyme with fresh stocks.

The building is cover by some sort of wood and inside there’s enough room and space between tables. We were very comfortable with a baby since the staff gave us a dedicated baby chair.

Note that we also had an experience in Aeon Mall Long Bien which was very different.

iSushi recently opened in Aeon Mall Long Bien

The menu

Two different buffet options

There are only two options available for buffet : Sakura 529,000 vnd and Kiku 619,000 vnd. As I remember once have only sushi and the second one have also meat and beef in the formula.

The variety of the food is quite interesting, you obviously can find the classic Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp Sushi, Sashimi, Maki but you will also find octopus, Hareng fish, Fish eggs, Eels, etc.

Illustrated menu for iSushi

Where the value proposition seems to be interesting at least for me, is when it comes to Californian rolls. I personally am a big fan of it, especially creative variance such as mi-cuit or half cooked with a touch of sweet soy sauce.

The experience

The experience in iSushi was good, it’s a bit more upscale and better in quality than the traditional sushi buffet I’ve experience in France. I wouldn’t say it’s as good in preparation and taste as a dedicated Sushi restaurant but the product are definitely fresh and of decent quality.

Add the selection of your choice in this paper in Aeon Mall

This holds true for sushi and sashimi, unfortunately when it comes to Californian rolls, the taste is decent but it could be so much more taste with the right finitions. We like when sweet and salty are mixed, here it is salty only. Also I am used to eat the sweet soy sauce, but the only option there is salty soy sauce. Good thing they have Wasabi and fresh Ginger.

As far as buffet, honestly it’s not easy to eat a lot in this kind of restaurant, at least for us. We’ll usually try 70 or 80% of thing before being full and just lusting on the thing we liked the most.

For me Sashimi is a product that shines on its own. Making real sushi is an art, as Jiro would say it takes a decade to know how to do the vinagared rice properly.

Already full but more to come in Aeon Mall

At the end of the day the sushi were good enough for a buffet type of restaurant.

The juices were 59,000 vnd which is quite expensive compared to the street and they are nothing to write home about. You’d honestly do just fine by ordering a simple soda.

The dessert like most buffet are just here to give a sweet note, the quality is just okay.


But beware, because since, we try the restaurant iSushi in Aeon Mall and the quality and services were on a much lower level.

We can understand that consistency is hard especially in beginnings, but this day there was no Tuna whatsoever, the orders came out all wrong and we have been switched table multiples times at the beginning.

Some Ca Trich but no Tuna this day

The plate came out with less pieces than the pictures and with also less decorations than in the Hai Ba Trung restaurant.

Like most craft you need time to master it. In the kitchen you could tell that people were still learning more or less. Some sushi came out extremely salty, I mean extremely and some other just fine.


7.8 out of 10

iSushi is a good restaurant, especially in Hai Ba Trung. Not the best sushi you will ever have but if you are looking to eat some buffet with Sushi, this place is probably a good start.

Unfortunately the consistency between restaurants is not great at the moment. If our experience in Hai Ba Trung was good, our experience in Aeon Mall was a bit disappointing. We think it’s because they just open so we will be forgiving for this grade.



Address in Hai Ba Trung : 158 P. Triệu Việt Vương, Bùi Thị Xuân, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội 100000

Address in Aeon Mall Long Bien : p., 51 Đ. Cổ Linh, Long Biên, Hà Nội

Phone : 043 222 3000

Website :

Facebook :

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