Avenger A0030CS Baby Steel Stand 30 Review

This is not the usual thing to review a light stand, but in this particular case, I do feel like this article would potentially help young video makers in choosing their gear.

This is why, in this review, we will see the reasons why it would be a good idea for you to invest in an Avenger A0030CS Baby Steel Stand 30.


Before you start to read this article, I would strongly advise you to check out my article on How to choose your light stands.

This way, you’ll understand if you are really in the market for an Avenger stand.

The brand Avenger

To make things short, Avenger is a subbrand of the most famous company making photography supports, Manfrotto. An Italian company is really famous for its tripods, which are very well built and somehow affordable.

Avenger is basically the high-end subbrand of Manfrotto for light fixtures. Avenger, along with Matthews and Kupo, are probably the brands that are most used in the cinema industry.

Those products are ridiculously well-built and durable. So much so that they will probably last a lifetime, and some of them were produced by the legendary brand Arri in Germany.

These are therefore not the most affordable gear around but once you invest in one, you won’t look back and even sell it without loosing any value.

What are the different types of Avenger light stands ?


This is the regular Century Stand; they are the most used light stands in a photography studio since they are quite polyvalent when used with their arm.

They are quite practical because they can stack themselves in a corner of your studio as well. On the other hand, their bases aren’t that wide, and they aren’t that easy to carry around since they can’t be folded.

Baby stand

A baby stand is a middle ground for sturdiness and portability. These stands are usually under 10 kg and are foldable.

They can have a load capacity of up to 10 kg, which is more than sufficient for an LED light under 1200 watts, even with a 150-cm softbox.

The Combo Stand

The Combo Stand is the beefier version of the Baby Stand. It basically can carry a load up to 30 kg and can be raised above 3 meters in the air although the charge will go back down to 10 kg.

The Windup Stand

These are basically combo stands with a heavier payload capacity and a crank to move up and down the light.

These are particularly practical for avoiding getting your hand crushed by a heavy-light setup. They can also be set up with wheels and cost tons of money, from 1000 to 10,000 euros, sometimes even more.

Why choose a Baby Stand ?

A Baby Stand is by definition a light stand with a Baby Pin mount. These are basically an intermediate solution between heavy duty and light weight LEDs.

Ultimately, this will depend on your budget and your needs, but ultimately, for a solo film maker or a small team, you need something solid, portable, ergonomic, and durable, especially if you are planning to go on location outside.

A baby stand can often be folded into something close to a meter. This means the stand can be stored in the regular trunk of a car. This means no need for a utility car or truck.

Most light these days is under 10 kg, even with a light modifier. This is thanks to the revolution in LED compared to HMI.

Baby stands are also lighter in weight than a regular combo stand. This means that it can be carried and moved around more easily in the set.

Why not choose a cheaper stand like a Manfrotto 1004BAC ?

Manfrotto stands are made out of aluminum as opposed to stainless steel. This means that they are more prone to rust and failure overall.

The Manfrotto BAC series has a cushion air system that is, on paper, very nice to have but, in reality, a source of issues.

If you look at the reviews on Amazon, most people will start to have problems within a year, and the light stand won’t be able to retract or expand any longer.

Knowing that these stands are only 50 euros less expensive than an Avenger Baby Stand, this makes the Avenger a much better investment, in my opinion.

Why choose the Avenger A0030CS Baby Steel Stand 30 ?

This model is one, if not the cheapest, in the brand. It’s far from being less competent, either. It has three sections and a payload capacity of 10kg.

It weighs around 6kg and can be raised to 3 meters in height. It uses a baby pin and can be folded down to one meter.

I truly believe that this light stand fits all the criteria to hold a light such as a Nanlite Forza 500B II, 720B, or Aputure 600D. It’s actually the perfect companion, in my opinion.

I think this light stand is probably the most popular among independent video makers, hence the price.

The features

The Avenger A0030CS can move its central column to touch the ground, which can add an extra point of stability or simply lower the height of the light.

It also has an adjustable leg to help you stabilize the payload on uneven terrain. It has 4 sections, which means it collapses to just around 1 meter.

The light stand is made out of stainless steel, so it should be corrosion-free for a while.

What are the pros of buying an Avenger Stand ?

In two words: reliability and durability. When compared to brands such as Kupo or even Chinese brands. An Avenger Stand will last you a lifetime without any form of maintenance.

This is due to superior materials, anti-rust techniques, and assembly. With an Avenger, you just need to tighten the knot a bit for it to be secured. So much so that you can even put your whole weight into it and it won’t budge.

You light costing thousands of euros, the last thing you want is to see one fall on the floor or worst on a talent. That’s why you can’t go wrong with investing in quality when it comes to feet.


9.0 out of 10.

When it comes to light stands, Avenger is really the equivalent of Arri products; in fact, Avenger used to be owned by Arri. They are basically the best quality out there.

This means that their products are absolutely sturdy, durable, and well engineered. They will last you a lifetime, and you can even pick up parts if one fails, which is very unlikely.

The Avenger A0030CS Baby Steel Stand 30 is, in my opinion, the first real light stand you should buy if you own an LED light.

It’s less expensive at 195 euros and fits all the bills in terms of size, practicality, and payload for an independent film maker.

Save yourself some bucks and invest in quality gear that will last you your whole career.


Avenger A0030CS Baby Steel Stand 30

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