Avenger A4050CS Boom Steel Stand 50 Review

The Avenger A4050CS Boom Steel Stand 50 immediately grabbed my interest as one of the first light stands I encountered. If you could only have one reliable light stand, this would likely be the one.

In this article, we’ll explore why this large and sturdy stand should be on the radar for filmmakers.


Avenger, a brand under Manfrotto, targets professionals in the film and photography industries. Their products are considered industry standards, alongside brands like Matthews and Kupo.

Some may argue that Avenger offers the highest quality, with products manufactured in Italy. Their reputation for durability means they are often seen as a long-term investment, particularly for professionals such as gaffers.

What is a Combo Stand ?

A Combo Stand is essentially a light stand equipped with both a Junior and Baby pin. The Baby pin is the standard mount for lightweight fixtures such as strobes or continuous light below 500W, with a male receiver.

In contrast, the Junior pin serves as the standard mount for larger and heavier lights, typically those at 500W and above with a female receiver. This connection offers much greater security, particularly if you intend to tilt or invert your light.

What is a Boom stand ?

A boom stand introduces an additional angle adjustment to the straight stand, allowing you to position your light above your subject without appearing in the frame, for instance.

Originally designed for microphones, a light boom stand is essentially an enlarged and sturdier version of a microphone boom stand.

Lights can weigh up to 65kg, as seen with an Arrimax 18K, for instance. Therefore, the heavier the light, the larger the stand needs to be.

Avenger A4050CS Boom Steel Stand 50

The A4050CS is basically the entry point for a Boom Steel Stand in the Avenger lineup and at the same time it is pretty much perfect for small production as it is small enough to be stored in a car.

Dimension, weight and load capacity

When fully retracted, the stand measures 188 cm, and when fully extended, it reaches 500 cm, with a maximum load capacity of 30 kg, which honestly exceeds my comfort level, even with a sturdy stand like this one.

With the boom extended, the minimum height is 155 cm, and it can extend up to 266 cm, supporting a weight of up to 8 kg. This weight capacity is ideal for a 600W light with a modifier or a 1200W light with a reflector.

The features

Constructed from stainless steel, this boom stand is virtually bulletproof compared to aluminum stands and boasts exceptional durability. As an Avenger stand, it promises longevity far beyond that of regular Chinese products and is highly resistant to rust.

In addition to featuring an adjustable boom arm, this stand also includes leveling leg to accommodate uneven terrain.

The stand is equipped with a highly secure locking mechanism to firmly hold the boom arm in place.

My impressions

When I got hold of the stand, I was anticipating it to be too tall for storage in my Toyota CHR (crossover). To my surprise, it turned out to be much smaller than expected and actually fit into the trunk with the backseats folded down, without even reaching the central armrest.

The build quality is incredibly sturdy. When I first held an Avenger A0030CS Baby Steel Stand 30, I was already impressed by its construction, but this combo stand is essentially double the thickness.

I believe that if this light stand were to fall on set, it would remain scratch-free, but the ground would likely sustain significant damage. Nonetheless, I don’t foresee this light stand falling anytime soon.

The price

Avenger stands truly represent a worthwhile investment. For instance, you can find this stand priced at 459 euros if you’re able to pick it up.

Considering its quality, durability, and the value it retains over time, I believe it’s a sound investment. Rental houses even lease out these stands for 10 euros a day, highlighting the trust they place in their sturdiness.

Recommended accessories

Wheels with breaks A9000N

If you intend to use the light stand on a level surface, these wheels will prove exceptionally handy for maneuvering your light without having to bear the weight of both the stand and the light.

Sand bags G200-1

I’m unsure if sandbags were originally included in the package since I purchased mine secondhand, but the seller provided me with two, and they’re essential for stabilizing your setup.

Compared to a Avenger D650 Junior Boom Arm

You might consider buying a standard combo stand and a separate boom arm, but personally, I find that having a single integrated design is always more robust and convenient.

The Avenger D650, for example, can support a 10kg payload, which is heavier, but it costs 249 euros on its own. The distinct advantage is that this boom arm can be used with various combo stands, offering more versatility.

The cons

Avenger Light Stands have been around in the market for quite some time, so by now, their design is essentially flawless.

If I had to nitpick, I would mention that there’s a horizontal pin in one of the legs that appears to be unusually long for some reason, and this screw can easily be bent since it protrudes significantly from the leg.

Setting up the feet is not as straightforward due to its weight, and the legs don’t drop down naturally due to gravity. You need to manually pull them out while handling the heavy stand.

The locking system for the junior pin has two slots for some reason. One of them may be positioned too high and obstruct the yoke, but luckily, the second hole provides ample space for the knob to rotate fully.


9.0 out of 10.

If you intend to elevate your light source significantly, such as to the second or third floor of a building, or if you need to position a light above your subject while maintaining some level of portability, the Avenger A4050CS Boom Steel Stand 50 is a reliable choice.

I don’t know if owning an Avenger D650 Junior Boom Arm is a more convenient and versatile solution since it can be used with different combo stand but it will certainly be more expensive.

This boom stand feels incredibly robust, especially if you’re accustomed to using standard aluminum light stands or even baby stands.

The Junior pin is essential and provides a much stronger mounting point if you intend to support your light horizontally. Overall, I would highly recommend this piece of equipment for anyone working with lights over 4kg.


Avenger A4050CS Boom Steel Stand 50

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