Pizza 4P’s Review

Pizza 4P’s is probably one of the most well-known independent restaurant franchises in Vietnam. The first restaurant was opened on Le Thanh Ton Street in HCMC by a Japanese founder.

So Pizza 4 P’s is supposed to be a Japanese pizza style restaurant, which I was totally unfamiliar with. The question is: can Japanese pizza compete with Italian or even American pizza? The short answer is yes.

The locations

Pizza 4P’s Trang Tien in Hanoi

Pizza 4P’s is well-established in Hanoi and HCMC with multiple locations. We only try one place multiple times, though: Tràng Tiền in Hanoi.

The place is very big, with multiple levels and rooms. You even have a private setup for, say, a big group like a company lunch.

Pizza 4P’s Aeon Mall Long Bien

The places have two big firewood ovens and a lot of staff to prepare your food. The place is raw with brick layers, the kind you would find in a New York building wall.

Overall, the ambiance in the restaurant is nice, just a bit upscale, and perfect for eating on a date or with some friends for a nice occasion.

The menu

Examples of seasonal appetizers

The menu at Pizza 4 P’s is composed of regular and seasonal appetizers and salads. The regular appetizers consist of small dishes, a cold-cut plate of cheese, or a salad. They cost around 160,000 vnd, and even if they are good, the portion size is quite small.

Usually, appetizers should be shared by a group of people, but here the portion is barely enough for one person. Also, for the price, you can almost eat a regular dish like pasta.

When it comes to pasta, Pizza 4 P’s have some of the most interesting recipes in my opinion.

The experience

The quality of the experience at Pizza 4 P’s is renowned by now. It is simply one of the best places to eat pizza in town. Everything from the process to the location is perfectly tuned.

The delicious Salmon Pizza tasting like a Flammekueche

The quality of the food is very consistent, almost like a big franchise. The sourcing of the ingredients is very carefully picked; the burrata, for example, is locally made here in Vietnam. You can even buy it in some high-end grocery shops like Annam Gourmet.

Half and Half Pizza from Pizza 4P’s being prepared

The Pizza are delicious, even the Margherita is very good. One thing to note is that you can order a half-half pizza, meaning two different taste in one Pizza.

There are many variety when it comes to topping, you have the classic 4 cheese, parma ham with burrata, seafood Pizzas but also some more interesting choices like Vegetarian or Japanese style pizzas.

Crab Pasta by Pizza 4P’s

Where Pizza 4P’s also shines is with pasta; their pasta is very delicious, probably the best I’ve tried outside of Vietnam. The salmon cream home-made fettuccine, the clam and basil sauce spaghetti, and the crab tomato cream spaghetti with ricotta are great. Perhaps the only better pasta I’ve tried was from Uu Dam Chay.

The open kitchen in Pizza 4P Aeon Mall

When it comes to drinks and desserts, they have interesting choices like homemade ciders and beers. Some interesting soft drinks, like mojito or ginger ale Something out of the ordinary to try and taste

Desserts are good but unfortunately very small in terms of portion. I honestly think you would be better off getting your dessert someplace else.


8.9 out of 10

Pizza 4P’s is probably the most famous restaurant for real pizza in Vietnam. When I say real pizza, I mean Italian-style pizza.

We tried many pizzerias in Hanoi, and for us, 4 P’s is the safest choice. The overall quality of the location, service, and food is just top-notch.

My wife and son looking at the menu in Aeon Mall Long Bien

The menu is very intelligible and well-made. If you come with a group of people used to foreign food, I think everyone should find something good to order.

Perhaps the only pizza in the city that might taste better for me is Pizza Belga. But Pizza 4 P’s has a better concept, original products, and better pasta in my opinion, and some of their pizza, like the salmon, is to die for.

Pizza 4P’s is definitely a place to try if you are in Vietnam on passage or live there. These Japanese-style pizzas are to die for.


Pizza 4P’s

Address in Trang Tien : 43 Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000

Phone : 1900 6043

Website :

Facebook :

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