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Berliner das original is a Kebab restaurant proposing German style Kebab which are supposed to be the best even better than the original from Turkey.

Indeed Germany is probably the European country with the largest Turkish Community. Kebab in France are really different than Kebab in Turkey but one thing they have in common is that they almost always get their meat from Germany.

But are German Kebab really the Original birth place of the Kebab or European Kebab ? And is it worth it to eat in Berliner ?


Kebab in France use to be an affordable rich and delicious food. When I was in college a Kebab was the most affordable food you can buy quantity wise. At the that time it was around 20 francs which represent just a bit more than 3 euros.

Just before I stayed in Vietnam for 3 years Kebabs were still selling around 4,50 euros the sandwich. Now they are very expensive almost 10 euros or 14 euros for the menu. That’s double the price in only 3 years.

The location

Clean design of the Berliner restaurant

It’s only natural that kebab in France are usually appreciated by the popular part of the population. People who enjoy a cheap and filling meal, so no wonder they are very implanted in suburbs and places where lots of immigrants live.

The Hungers Game shot in Noisy-le-Grand, France.

This particular Berliner was located in The Arcades Shopping Center in the city Noisy-le-Grand, famously represented in the hungers game. This place the Palacio is a Neo retro looking building which in real life is quite a dangerous place. Tons of thugs and dealers, what a shame since it’s quite a beautiful place.

Les Arcades use to be a great mall in the 1990’s

To get back to the subject, the Berliner we tried was located in the mall of this city which is now old and poorly attended. I even chose not to buy my MacBook inside the mall that’s how much creepy it was.

But the best places for Kebab in France are usually the ones where this type of population love to eat. Berliner was no different even if slightly upscale compared to the traditional local Kebab.

Inside the restaurant is very modern, classy black and white with wood tones. Overall using a good styling like any up and coming franchise would.

The kitchen is open within a sort of canopy which is very urban like architecture and overall very reminiscing of a place who care about looks.

The decoration is reminiscent of the birth place of this joint Berlin of course. With Pop Art Style paintings. Berlin being a very hype place in Europe for culture this place definitely takes advantage of it.

The menu

The menu is simple, you can actually order from the terminal, perhaps it’s even advisable. The UX is pretty neat and ergonomics are pretty good as well. From this interaction alone you can feel that the franchise invested a good amount of money in their experience.

Internet menu from Berliner

The menu is pretty simple as it should be. Mainly Kebab through Pita, Wrap Sandwiches or Bowls. Everything around that are just basically accompaniment and side dishes.

These Kebab comes in two flavors : Beef or Chicken and we obviously chose beef as for us Chicken is not really a Kebab.

Berliner Terminal to order

The menu is using a bit of German for styling so it can be a bit confusing but thanks to the pictures everything can easily be understood.

They have of course some formula with drinks and accompaniments like French fries, salad or onion rings.

You can also enjoy some Finger food and Desserts but let’s be honest, a Kebab with fries will most likely fill you up more than necessary.

The experience

Kebab with cherry coke

First the terminal experience was great and than the employee were extremely polite and helpful, in this particular restaurant, it seems like they were actually enjoying working in there.

After we were delivered the food, we were able to serve ourselves extra ketchup and mayonnaise without having to ask.

Yooyi enjoying his fries at Berliner

The kebab was delicious, it was a Kebab Turkish style but with a Pita and a bit oversized and some twists. For example they used some Thyme to give an extra herbs taste to the meat which is often used in Rotisserie.

The meat was delicious, it was beef instead of lamb or veal but still good, perhaps just a tad salty and not as rich in spices as other kebabs.

The bread was good, slightly chewy but at least not breaking while eating. The veggies were fresh and crispy. The best about this sandwich was the delicious sauce which almost tasted like a thick Ayran or saltyYogurt. It mixed so well with the rest, the only problem is that most of the sauce was placed in the first bites. In the middle of the sandwich the sauce wasn’t present any longer.

The fries were good as well, I don’t know if it was on purpose but half the fries were very re-cooked and the other half fresh. They used Thyme as well for these fries which makes a bit of a strong taste covering the rest which reminds me the kind of food this is.

This type of joint is probably the kind of place you go to after a heavy night of partying and drinking to get your level of sugar, fat and salt to the right level in Berlin.


7.8 out of 10

Berliner is definitely a quality place to eat Kebab, the menu being 14 euros it’s definitely a more expensive place for you to eat a Kebab which are I believe now around 6 and 8 euros for sandwich, so almost half.

Where Berliner shines is in the niche market which is Quality and Clean Gourmet Kebab. In my opinion this Kebab has it’s own style when it comes to taste. It benefits from its origin or birthplace which is Germany, the European country with most Turkish immigrants.

So perhaps This is the Original Kebab from Europe and that every other kebab should taste like this. Personally even if I love this kind of joint, the price is just to high compared to the local Kebab.

Also my palate is already used to over 30 years of French Style Kebab but once in a while why not enjoying a premium Kebab.


Berliner das original

Address : CC les Arcades, 234 Bd du Mont d’Est, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand

Phone : 01 45 92 17 37

Website :

Facebook :

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